6 Best Hairstyles For Hiding Grown-Out Roots

6 Best Hairstyles For Hiding Grown-Out Roots

Life can get hectic and there’s not always time to make a trip to the salon. But before you start stressing about your regrowth creeping in, with a little DIY magic, you can spare yourself an immediate trip to the hair salon and be ready to flaunt your (partially) au-natural tresses. Get your styling tools and hair products ready, because we’re giving you a list of six of the best hairstyles for hiding grown-out roots.

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Turn up the volume to hide grown-out roots

Turn up the volume

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Adding more volume to the hair is never a bad idea. But if we’re specifically looking for hairstyles that’ll cover the roots, the general rule is—the more volume, the better.

Grab your favorite lifting powder or spray and work the product into the crown of your head. If you need a little assistance, use your hairdryer and a round brush to give your hair an extra boost of volume.

Ride the wave

If you’re a naturally curly (or wavy) gal, this is your time to shine. Sporting a textured look such as beachy waves will do a great job at blending grown-out roots.

Don’t have much texture when it comes to your locks? You can easily achieve the look using a few different methods. Sleep with your hair in a braid, spritz it with a sea salt spray or use a curling iron with a one-inch barrel to style it accordingly.

Ready to get that root touch-up? Get on your colorist’s books right now.

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Play with the parting

Play with the parting

You want to draw attention away from your roots, not to them. So instead of going with your usual part, opt for a messy side or middle part instead.

Although a sleek center or side part may be your go-to choice on a daily basis, its messy equivalent may help diffuse the stark contrast between your roots and the rest of your hair.

Braids & plaits

Though most updos will effectively hide some of the natural color peeking through the top of your head, braids work exceptionally well as a sort of optical illusion.

But not just any braid will do—you’ll want to go for a loose braid since tighter ones have the tendency to accentuate the color difference. Braid your hair back into one (or two) messy plaits and add some volumizing product to your roots for some additional lift.

Certain color treatments or styles can put stress on your hair. You need to be sure to take care of it or it will be prone to damage and breakage. For details on how to restore your hair’s health, click here.

Top knots can hide grown-out roots

Top knots can hide grown

No one will ever suspect you’re rocking a hairstyle for the purpose of disguising your roots with a strategically placed bun—for all they know, you could’ve just left the salon.

Start by pulling your hair back as you normally would and secure your bun high on your head. The higher you place your bun, the better it’ll cover your roots. As a final touch, pull a few hairs out to frame your face which will offset any dramatic color changes.

Dress it up

Dress it up

Accessories can add much more than just character to our outfit, they can also add a camouflaging aspect so that your roots can fly under the radar.

To go incognito mode, choose a headband with a thicker band, which will conceal those bothersome roots with ease. You can even play it up with a silk scarf to wrap around your head for a chic look or simply throw on your favorite baseball cap for a foolproof hairstyle for grown-out roots.

But what if you don’t want to mess with any of it and you just want a refresh? It might be time to head to salon. Grab a slot on your colorist’s book right now before they book up.

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