Hairstylist Appreciation Day: 6 Ways to Say Thank You

Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Your hairstylist is always there for you. After all these years, they know you almost as well as they know your hair. They know what length you prefer in the summer, they know where you part, which shampoo brand you use, your dog’s name, they know all about the freakout you had when you decided to chop 12 inches, and so much more. Our hairstylists know all. Most importantly, they never fail at making us feel like a million bucks.

“For me what I do on a daily basis is a little bit more than just hair. Sometimes I council, sometimes I coach, sometimes I encourage, and sometimes I just listen. My clients give me their continued business time after time and at the very least I can try to make them feel good while doing it. I already feel blessed to do something I love and can be creative in the process so spreading a little bit of positivity just makes it sweeter.” – Angel Cardona: Hairstylist, Salon Owner, and Booksy Ambassador

April 25th is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, and now it’s our turn to make them feel the same. Here are our 6 favorite ways to treat our hair stylist on this year’s Hairstylist Appreciation Day. 

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Get Their Coffee (or Caffeine) Order

Get Their Coffee (or Caffeine) Order

Hairstylists are on their feet for the majority of the work day. They have clients booking early in the morning and late at night. It’s not your normal nine to five. If your stylist has a go-to coffee order, try to get it from the receptionist or one of their colleagues. If coffee isn’t their cup of tea, find out what is! Maybe they’re always sipping on Diet Coke or iced tea. If you can’t squeeze it out of anyone, simply take note of the cup in their hand—Starbucks, Dunkin’, Panera, etc) and buy them a gift card to treat them to their next cup. 

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Tip Them Extra

Being in the service industry, hairstylists rely on generous tips from their customers. Think of all the ways they’ve gone above and beyond for you — squeezing you in amongst their other appointments, styling your hair for the plans you had later that night, greeting you with a hug at the front door. Even if your appointment isn’t on Hairstylist Appreciation Day, if you see your stylist anytime around this date, tip them a little more than you usually would to show your appreciation.

Refer Them to Your Friends

Refer Them to Your Friends

Helping your stylist grow their client book is one of the best ways you can thank and support them. If you have friends unhappy with their current stylist and in the market for a new one, brag about your stylist and their skills. When people compliment you shortly after walking out of the salon that day, tell them who is responsible for your fresh cut. Booksy makes it easy to share your stylist’s page directly so your friends can book with them ASAP. 

Share on Social Media

Share on Social Media

Now is not the time to shy away from a shameless car selfie post hair appointment. Snap a pic when you’re feeling (and looking) your best, share on social media, and tag your hair stylist and salon. People are going to love your new cut and will be asking who’s magic this is. Save yourself a few DMs and publicly thank your stylist for their skills. Not only could you be sending some followers their way, but also potential clients! 

Leave Them a Review

Leave Them a Review

Aside from tips, another thing the service industry relies heavily on is reviews. Think about what you do before trying a new restaurant, a new nail salon, a new anything for that matter. Reviews give you an idea of the quality of the service provider and how satisfied past customers have been. Leaving your hairstylist a review on their Booksy profile and on Google is a huge compliment to them. You don’t know how many strangers your review is going to make an impression on. Brag about your stylist, post photos to prove it, and make those 5 stars shine bright.

Be a Logistics Master

It doesn’t take a lot to show your hairstylist that you appreciate them. By getting used to these small, logistical favors, you’ll be putting a huge smile on your hairstylist’s face. The first of these is showing up on time. You may be on a BFF status with your hairstylist, but that doesn’t mean you can stroll in late and screw up their appointments for the rest of the day. Showing up early speaks volumes. It silently tells them that you not only appreciate, but also respect their time. Second, booking in advance is extremely helpful to your stylist, as it helps them plan their time and income for the months ahead. If you usually see your stylist on a routine schedule, book all those appointments in advance if your schedule allows for it to help your stylist mentally lock down that income way ahead of time. 

Other things that hairstylists appreciate are clients who are extra specific and honest. Your stylist may know you well, but they can’t read your mind. If you’re going for a totally new cut or color, come with photos to show them exactly what you’re thinking. If you’re halfway through your appointment and not loving what you’re seeing on your head, it’s important to complain nicely. Your stylist wants you to love their work but you have to speak up!

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day only comes once a year! Show your stylist that you’re thankful for landing in their chair, for their skills, and for their relationship with you. Don’t have a stylist that you can show your love to? Find stylists in your area on Booksy today!

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