Hair Highlights Trends That Are Worth Copying

Hair Highlights Trends

Once you’ve felt the itch to color your hair, there’s no turning back—but dyeing your tresses an entirely different color all-over can sometimes feel like too drastic of an option. So what’s the sweet spot for keeping the balance between your base color and something totally new? Highlights, of course. We’re covering the top hair highlights trends for 2023, so get ready to bookmark, save, or screenshot these looks and bring them to your next salon appointment.

Subtle streaks

A head-full of highlights isn’t the only way to go, ask your stylist to throw in a few scattered streaks—go for more or go for less, you can adjust the look to your liking.


For new trends in hair highlights, we’re seeing the rise of colorful strands that give off a fun, rainbow-inspired vibe.

Copper melt

If there’s one shade that we’ll continue seeing throughout the year for women’s hair color and highlights trends, it’s copper-colored tresses.

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Sun-kissed locks aren’t specific to hair highlight color trends for summer—natural-looking highlights that look like you’ve just left the beach work for any season.

Ash inspired

Cool, ash-toned blondes and light browns take the cake for being one of the most flattering highlight colors for all skin tones.

Toffee tones

For lightening dark hair without creating too drastic of a contrast, go for toffee or caramel-colored hues to naturally add dimension.

Face-framing highlights

You may have also heard them referred to as “e-girl streaks”, but regardless of what you call them, they’re one of the latest trends in hair highlights.

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