5 best hairstyles for hiding grown-out roots

5 best hairstyles for hiding grown-out roots

2020 was definitely the year of regrowth – and some of us have brought this energy to 2021. Which is absolutely okay! Although most of us hate to see the line of their natural hair colour appearing on the parting, this is perfectly normal and there is no shame in having no time (or willingness) to fix it right off the bat. Moreover, if you are planning to go back to your original colouring and aren’t willing to cut the entire dyed part off, there is no other way than simply dealing with grown-out roots for quite a while. No matter the reasons, we are here to deliver a few good ideas for hairstyles that hide roots (and besides that, look super cute).

1. Brushed backwards

When it comes to hairstyles that disguise roots, the first rule is to avoid showing the parting, because this is where the change in colour is the most harshly visible. When you decide to brush your hair backwards, suddenly the line becomes blurred. For some additional help, tease the crown part a little bit, preferably using a texturising spray or dry shampoo – the more volume you create, the better. The additional texture in your hair makes blending grown out roots much easier. Brushed backwards hair can be worn in a bun, tied in a braid or a ponytail, and even let loose, as long as you secure them in a way that prevents them from forming a regular parting again. You can do so with a few bobby pins or go with a cute clip for a vintage spin.

2. Deep side parting

We’ve already established that a pronounced, straight, sleek parting makes your regrowth somewhat of a statement piece so it’s best to avoid creating a visible parting overall. However, there is one exception – a very deep, low parting on either the left or right side of your head. A big benefit of such a solution is the volume it creates. Once again, texturise the area as much as possible and preferably go for a “purposely messy” look, with a few baby hairs sticking out here and there.

3. Beachy waves

We all love beachy waves. They are the perfect “middle of the road” hairstyle that brings you the ease of styling characteristic for straight hair and the volume of curly ones. Beachy waves are easy to create and look very flattering on almost everyone. They are also an A+ hairstyle for hiding grown-out roots – the soft wave diffuses the harsh colouring line, successfully diffusing it for a naturally blended look. If you feel like going for a much curlier style, it’s only for the better – the more intense the curl, the lower the risk for the regrowth to be noticeable!

4. Braided crown

It’s an absolute classic hairstyle that covers roots perfectly. Milkmaid-style braids are extremely cute and you can easily place them on the top of your head in a way that will simply cover up the root area – they are basically a natural, build-on headband. If your hair is not long enough, don’t worry – you can buy a ready-to-go fake braid headband that can be easily pinned to your natural hair!

5. High messy bun

Ah, the lovely throwback to the early 2010s when we all collectively came to the conclusion that there is nothing chicer than a messy bun placed high on the top of the head! All jokes aside, texturised buns are actually quite genius if you want to hide your regrowth – for a few reasons. Firstly, they require brushing your hair back and upwards, so you do not have any pronounced parting. Secondly, you create a lot of volume. Thirdly, you can make the bun sit on the top of your head, exactly in the place where your regrowth may become the most visible, completely covering it up. Finally – a messy bun is super quick and easy to create and even if you do not have enough hair density to make it truly impressive, you can always make use of the so-called bun doughnuts. The 2010s’ us were definitely onto something!

When in doubt, accessorise!

And what if all your attempts fail and despite using all the aforementioned tips your regrowth area still sticks up like a sore thumb on your head? Don’t apologise – accessorise! A cute headband or a silk scarf wrapped around your crown area will look incredibly stylish and cute. Vintage is always in style – pair a high bun with a red headband, put on some bright crimson lipstick and call it a day. And a very good one, let me add to that!

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