Tips & Treatments to Strengthen Weak Hair

Tips & Treatments to Strengthen Weak Hair

Have you noticed that your hair has become more brittle and weak lately? This may be a sign that it needs some extra TLC. Thanks to professional hair treatments, you can improve its condition and provide them with that much-needed nourishment. Here are some reasons why you may be struggling with weak hair and ways you can regenerate and rebuild your strands.

What causes hair damage?

There are many factors that can harm your hair. They range from bad dietary habits, through stress and lack of sleep, to thermal and chemical treatments. Arguably, the latter is the most dangerous because many treatments can changes the structure of the hair fibers, weakening them. These are, among others, coloring hair with poor-quality products, bleaching, or getting perms.

Bad Products

Another reason behind damaged locks can be an improper hair care routine. Using random shampoos or conditioners not dedicated to our hair type and then combining them in an incorrect manner is just the beginning. Excessively drying and straightening, often without using heat protection products, can damage hair. Instead of shiny strands, our hair becomes dull, matte, and dry.

Bad Practices

Going to bed with wet hair or slicking your hair back in a high chic pony (while your hair is wet) puts extreme tension on your hair. As it dries, it’s trying to go back to its normal, relaxed state. But since it can’t, it can weaken the strands and even break. Styling in the appropriate way and being kind to your hair matters. Even your pillowcase can make a difference.

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When does hair need help?

When does hair need help?

Damage to the hair occurs when keratin bonds are permanently broken. This leaves hair dull and rough to the touch and causes breakage and thinning. Sometimes, you can even shed more hair than is normal. Ensure you’re using the right brushing and products for your hair conditions and type.

Of course, you may try using special products dedicated to weak hair. Even if you come up with a DIY fix, it is worth roping in your stylist for a professional’s opinion.

How can you save damaged hair?

Nowadays there are many treatments that can help improve the condition of your hair. The first, and most important thing, is to properly diagnose the needs of the hair and scalp. This will allow you to choose the best treatment for your hair type. The best way to do this is by visiting a professional hair salon. A specialist will help you understand the cause behind your hair issues and offer a treatment. So what options are out there?

Treatment for damaged hair

Keratin treatments

For several years now, using keratin to straighten and strengthen the hair has been very popular. Keratin is used not only to improve the appearance of the hair, but also to nourish it from within. This treatment is especially recommended for those battling dry, brittle, and dull hair. It is a simple procedure that instantly restores vitality to the hair and makes it stronger and shinier.

A keratin treatment consists of supplementing the hair structure by pressing in a dedicated keratin product. Under the influence of heat, the hair cuticles open, thus allowing the product to penetrate into their structure. Essentially, keratin coats the hair, replenishing previously formed defects. The treatment takes around two to three hours while the effects last up to four months.


By now, you’ve probably heard of Olaplex. More here if you want to brush up on it. This treatment has become especially popular during coloring services at the salon. It’s recommended for those who want to bleach their hair, but also for those who just want to improve their condition. Thanks to its formula, Olaplex not only prevents damage during dyeing but also nourishes it.

When coloring the hair, the formula with polymers is added to the dye. Such a mixture regenerates the hair, repairing damaged bonds, and preventing new damage. The second product is applied to wet hair right after washing it. It works like a mask, restoring the hair’s vitality. The third step consists of daily hair care where you use special products to prolong the effect.

Thanks to Olaplex, your hair will be smooth, strong, and won’t frizz. Of course, the treatment can also be performed without coloring, simply as a regenerating procedure. The only contraindication is if you have henna on your hair.

Hair restoration treatment

Moisturizing your hair

Properly hydrating your hair is nothing more than retaining water in its structure. It may seem easy, but in fact it requires knowledge and patience. One of the treatments that can help moisturize your locks is a sauna session for your hair. You can try it at home, but you have to be extremely careful. Doing this improperly can cause more harm than good. Trust us, it’s safer to visit a specialist and get your hair treated at a salon.

Taking good care of your hair isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Don’t do more damage or buy products that ultimately don’t work. See your stylist or book a virtual consultation to get a customized product and practice recommendation.

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