Hair Colors For Spring 2023

Hair Colors For Spring 2023

Winter is gone and spring is (finally!) officially here, so it’s only appropriate to live by the saying, “out with the old and in with the new”. A new season calls for new flowers blossoming and a new burst of springtime energy as we leave behind gloomier and colder days. Get into the springtime vibe with our selection of refreshing new hair colors for spring 2023 that we’re dye-ing to try out!

Mushroom brown

Mushroom brown is one of the top brunette hair colors for spring—but what exactly is it? It’s a cool, earthy brown that has notes of gray tones, reminiscent of a portobello mushroom cap.

Strawberry blonde

Blondes with warm and subtle red hues are a fresh take on going lighter whether you’re looking for spring hair colors for short hair or long hair.

Pink hair

Hot hair colors for spring that are a little out of the box? Pinks of all shades go hand in hand with the colorful, floral ambiance of spring.

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Smokey black

A true black can sometimes seem a little harsh for the warmer months of the year, so the perfect option for dark hair colors for spring is a smoked-out black with gray undertones.


Deep and rich mocha-inspired browns will undoubtedly be one of the most popular spring hair colors for brunettes we’ll be seeing in 2023.


Start spring off with a bang by going for a rustic, brick-red, which happens to look amazing on all complexions, no matter if you’re searching for spring hair colors for dark skin or light skin.

Buttery blonde

Creamy, melty, and buttery blonde tones are ideal if you’re looking to embody the warmth of the springtime sunshine.

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