Is Olaplex Treatment Worth the Hype? The Answer Is: YES

Is Olaplex Treatment Worth the Hype? The Answer Is: YES

By now you’ve surely heard about the Olaplex treatment as it’s been recommended by hairdressers and celebrities worldwide. The treatment was in fact made world famous after Kim Kardashian drastically changed her hair color from black to light blonde, all while her strands remained healthy-looking. Before, such a radical color change without causing extreme damage to the hair was virtually impossible. The use of Olaplex while dying Kim’s hair was what allowed for this amazing result.

Of course, not everyone will decide on a treatment because celebrities swear by it. If you’re more on the cautious side and don’t like to get treatments without fully knowing how they work, we completely understand. Sometimes various “miracle” products appear, but once you use them, they leave you vastly underwhelmed. So if you’re not sure if Olaplex is worth it, we’re here to tell you that yes it is!

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a system of intensive hair regeneration and reconstruction. It’s great for hair that has been damaged during various treatments, or as a result of harmful external factors.

What is Olaplex?

Is Olaplex safe?

The amazing thing about this treatment is its composition. Olaplex does not contain sulfates, aldehydes, ammonia, silicones, DEA, phthalates or gluten! Because of that it’s safe for those with allergies and even expecting women.

How does the Olaplex treatment work?

Each hair strand has a huge amount of bonds responsible for the overall proper condition of your locks. After being chemically or thermally altered, these bonds break, leading your hair to weaken, break, simply put, become damaged. So this is where Olaplex and its chemical magic come in! It essentially creates a sort of chemical bridge between the broken bonds. This allows each strand to heal from the inside. Now you can see why hairdressers recommend Olaplex for damaged hair.

Using the Olaplex treatment when getting your hair colored

If you like to color your locks often, you can finally end up with weakened or even damaged hair. It will become weak, brittle and prone to falling out, as the dye has such an effect on the hair structure. Olaplex allows the dye to penetrate the hair structure evenly without damaging it from the inside. Moreover, the pigment won’t wash out as quickly, as hair cuticles gently and permanently close, allowing your color to stay deep for longer. Thanks to Olaplex, coloring won’t damage your hair like before, as the product will actively repair the hair structure. This will occur even if you use very strong coloring agents.

Olaplex can also be great to use when you decide you want to get your hair bleached. It will allow you to accelerate the process and reduce the number of treatments that your hair will have to undergo. As you know, removing color from your hair can be quite time-consuming and sometimes may even require several visits to the hairdressing salon. Thanks to Olaplex, lightening takes place much faster, and the hair is not impacted negatively by the decolorizing agents used.

Using the Olaplex treatment when getting your hair colored

Who is the Olaplex treatment for?

As we’ve written above, Olaplex can be a great treatment to consider if you dye your hair regularly. However, this treatment is not only for hair coloring fans. If you have over-processed hair, there is a big chance that it is brittle and damaged. Maybe you love your curling iron just a bit too much, or maybe you’re obsessed with keeping your hair as straight as possible. Whatever the case, Olaplex will help heal your dry and damaged hair.

Finally, maybe you simply want a nourishing treatment for your hair after the winter, or after excessively swimming in the Ocean during the summer. It’s a great option also then!

How can I find a hair salon offering the Olaplex treatment near me?

Ok, so let’s say you decided you do in fact want to get an Olaplex treatment, but maybe you’re not sure what hair salons offer it? Hesitate no more, as Booksy comes to the rescue! Visit our website or open or Booksy app and easily find a beauty salon offering the Olaplex treatment near you!

Who is the Olaplex treatment for

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