Nail’s Answer to Dopamine Dressing: Nail Trends for 2023

Nail Trends for 2023

A fresh nail set is on the same level as stocking our favorite bubbly drinks in the fridge and what we binge-watch on a Saturday night. This outward reflection of our personality can bring us confidence and joy while giving us a creative outlet. Nail art trends in 2023 are heating up with something for everyone. We are going to look at all of those ideas for inspiration and talk about everyone’s go-to medium: dip acrylic nails.

What are Dip Powder Nails? The Need-to-Knows…

For those who are new to dip nails, the process begins with a base coat of the desired color, followed by the powder. Your nail technician can either dip your fingertip into the powder jar or sprinkle the powder over your base. 

Once fully coated, the nails are allowed to dry. The best part about dip acrylic nails is that they don’t require UV light to cure. That makes this type of manicure one of the fastest services.

And they allow you to do just about any kind of nail art you want. So no matter your style, dip nails offer a durable and stylish option. With dip continuing to be one of the most requested services in nail salons, this trend will stick around all year.

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3D Nail Art

Florals, abstract, enclosed water designs…whatever your style preference, 3D art is a trend that can handle it all. We saw this one pick up steam last year, making so many of our nail lovers jealous that they don’t have a set like this already.

3d nail art beads and gems

This art choice lends itself to any aesthetic, too. So whether you want subtle and dainty or something bold and showstopping, this is a trend worth exploring.

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Short and Subtle/Short and Bold

For the last few years, long nails have been very trendy. And while we’re not saying they’ve had their time in the sun, we do think they have a competitor. 

More people are opting to switch things up in favor of practical nails. Short nails are definitely having a moment for their versatility since they can be subtle or fierce.

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color blocked and pattern blocked

Move over, color blocking. there is a new kid in town. Introducing… pattern blocking.

To us, this is the big sister of color blocking. It takes the same artistic principles of color blocking and dials it up a notch with mixing patterns. If you’re looking for a bold look, definitely give this one a try.

There are two approaches to this style: Having an accent pattern on one nail (lots of people choose their ring finger for the accent). The slightly bolder option is mixing more patterns. The more, the better. You can be inspired by the art community itself. If you want to peek at some curated vibes, read this next.


stamped nails

Stamping has been around for a while, but it’s still a great way to get creative with your nails. Pick out a few different stamping plates and have fun creating unique designs on each nail.

Negative Space 

Negative Space 

If you’re looking for art that breathes, why not try negative space nail art? This involves painting the base of your nails a solid color and then adding accent colors to the edges, creating a minimalist look.

No matter your chosen trend, you’re sure to stand out with any of these fun and unique nail trends. With so many options to choose from, you’ll never be bored with your nails! So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start rockin’ these trends in 2023!

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