The Best White Nail Styles. Manicure Ideas To Inspire You

The Best White Nail Styles

Stuck on deciding what manicure to get next? Pink seems too played out and you just tried a unique shade of green at your last appointment—we know this storyline all too well. But if you take a look beyond the conspicuous color choices, you’ll find the elusive and not-so-obvious white polish. Take inspiration from our white nail designs style guide and get ready to rock a crisp set of white nails!

White ombre

It may appear similar to the French manicure at first glance, but an ombre effect can create a gradient-like and almost milky white nail design that fades into pink (or any other color of your choice).

Classic French

What’s not to love about a classic French manicure? This tried-and-true style is the perfect white tip nail design that looks great anytime, anywhere.

Solid white

Simple white nail designs like a plain white set are straightforward and uncomplicated, but will still result in a fresh look.

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Contemporary French

Spice up your standard French mani with white French tip nail designs which can include prints, patterns, and more.

Abstract designs

Unleash your inner artist by asking your nail technician for a mashup of creative painting and linework to achieve an abstract look that works for both long and short white nail designs.

Multi toned

Using white polish plus your favorite color (or two) you’ll be able to get a lovely multi toned set whether you’re into coffin white nail designs or any other preferred shape!

Sparkle effect

As for acrylic white nail designs, use the extra length to your advantage by doubling down on the sparkle.

Stand out details

Adding a decorative element to just one nail on each hand can easily enhance a simple white coat, making it one of the most popular options for white nail polish designs.

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