Mix & Match: The Best Ombre Nail Designs Out There

Mix & Match: The Best Ombre Nail Designs Out There

There may come a time when you become bored with the regular one-color manicure and we completely get that. However, you may be thinking that the only way to shake things up is by getting extravagant nail art or complicated nail extensions. We’re here to remind you about a quite classic manicure technique and show you inspiration for ombre nail designs. Ombre nails are a great option for when you want to try out something different because you can opt for more subtle styles or try something more crazy, it’s all up to you.

Ombre short nail designs

If you like to keep things simple, both in terms of length and design, a classic pink-white ombre will do the trick.

Ombre long nail designs

For those that prefer to add length, ombre dip powder nail designs can be the perfect idea!

Multicolor ombre

Because who said you can only use two colors when creating ombre nail designs?

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Sky-inspired styles

Mother nature is always a great source of inspiration. This time turn to the amazing colors of the sky.

Try out some glitter

Finally, if you have a party coming up, add some sparkle to not only your look, but also to your mani!

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