The 411 on a Shellac Manicure: Everything You Need to Know

Are strong nails and the effect of a lasting color for a few weeks something you’ve been looking for? If so, a shellac manicure may be something for you. Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to get this popular manicure.

A shellac manicure can be a great alternative to regular nail polish that tends to chip easily. The process is similar to painting your nails with a traditional polish, with the difference that the effect lasts much longer. The color should stay strong and shiny up to the moment you decide to remove it. The best part of this type of manicure is how resistant it is to chipping through everyday wear and tear. A shellac manicure, with proper care, can stay on the nail plate for over two weeks. What better time to book one than this summer?! Don’t waste money on a regular manicure if you have a pool, sand, or greasy sunscreen in your near future.

shellac manicure

Is a shellac manicure for you?

A shellac manicure can be a great solution for busy women who want to have a perfect manicure, but at the same time don’t have hours to spare for everyday nail painting.

A shellac manicure may not be for you, if you have the following issues:

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  • nail fungus
  • yeast infection
  • brittle nails
  • badly damaged nails
Is a shellac manicure for you?

Pros and cons of a shellac manicure

The longevity and durability are undeniably one of the main reasons shellac manicures are so popular, as a chip-free effect can last for several weeks. Of course, visiting a professional to get this service is highly recommended. Done properly, even if we get a shellac manicure regularly, we will still be able to grow natural, healthy nails without any problem.

Of course, where there are pros, there are cons as well. One of them is nail regrowth. Depending on the individual’s regrowth cycle, it may appear already after the first week. Another problem with a shellac manicure can be, funny enough, its durability. A properly done shellac manicure should not chip off, but if you accidentally run a knife over your fresh polish while you’re cutting food, a small piece may chip. If this happens on a new manicure you have two options–you can either remove the polish entirely and apply it again, or accept your fate until you get your nails done again.

Getting a shellac manicure step by step

With shellac manicures being so popular, many of us decide to buy a nail kit and perform the manicure at home. Unfortunately, without proper training, you can do more harm than good to your nails by doing so. While applying the shellac polish to healthy nails is not a major problem, the risk arises when you decide you want to remove it.

The biggest danger is if you decide to peel off the polish. What will most likely happen is you will remove layers of your own nail along with the polish. This can dramatically destroy your nail bed. A much safer option is to get your shellac manicure removed by a professional.

The manicure will begin with the beautician preparing your nail plate. First the manicurist will file your nails and shape them the way you ask her to. The next step will be removing the cuticles. With your nails prepped and ready she will start applying the base coat.

After the base is applied, you will need to cure your nails under a LED or UV lamp. This process will happen each time a new layer of polish is applied to the nail. Next, layers of color will be applied (this will depend on the color and the shellac, but most typically it will be two layers), again, being cured under the lamp in between.

The final layer will be a top polish. After that your manicurist will remove any tacky, leaving your nails smooth and slick. After a few weeks when you decide to remove your polish, the beautician will use a special acetone-based liquid to take off all the polish layers which will break into tiny pieces and release from the nail. The manicurist won’t have to scrape or force the coat off the nail, as may happen with gel manicures.

Getting a shellac manicure step by step

Nail art on shellac manicures

The beauty of this type of manicure is the way you can always get personalized nails. The amount of patterns and colors allows you to always try out something new. Starting from natural shades of nude or classic red, through the juicy colors of the rainbow, to extravagant designs with embedded rhinestones. Currently, on trend are ombre nails, mats, and stick-on decorations.

Nail art on shellac manicures

Shellac Nail Styles You Should Try

Bright color combos

The bolder and brighter the color combo, the better! Choose your own blend of shades for a remarkable and noteworthy look.

Paint swirls

Freehand paint swirls and splatters are one of the hottest options of Shellac nail designs that will guarantee each nail its own, unique appearance.

Subtle design

Nail designs don’t always have to be elaborate—you can stick to the subtle side with straightforward and simple patterns.

Minimal glitz

Full-on sparkly nails can be too over the top for some people, so if you still love some shimmer but don’t want to overdo it, opt for some glittery accents.

Atypical French

Lately, it’s all about the comeback of the French manicure! Whether its unconventional tip designs or using offbeat colors, you’ll be seeing this style year-round.

Rhinestone highlights

Rhinestones are always a popular element when it comes to nail decorating, and they’re perfect for achieving both Shellac nail designs for short nails and long nails alike.

We hope we’ve encouraged you to try out a shellac manicure if you haven’t done so yet. A beautiful manicure is just a few clicks away. If you have decided to get this type of manicure, you can use Booksy to find the best beauty salon in your city and easily book an appointment online.

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