How To Strengthen Nails: Grow healthy and strong nails with these tips

What makes nails stronger

Growing strong nails may seem like an impossible task, but with a little bit of patience and the right care regimen, you can improve the strength, durability, and appearance of your nails. Strong nails of course look aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also a reflection of good health! Be it damage from repeat manicures or not getting the nutrients your body needs, weak and brittle nails are a common concern for many. Here’s what you can do to strengthen your nails and keep them looking their best:

Why are my nails so weak?

Symptoms like splitting, cracking, peeling, or chipping may have you wondering, why are my nails so thin? Weak nails can be a hassle to deal with, but there’s usually an underlying cause. Frequent manicures, overexposure to water and harsh chemicals, aging, nutritional deficiencies, and certain health conditions can all cause thin and weak nails. The good news is, once you figure out exactly what is causing your nails to be brittle or weak, you can learn how to keep nails from breaking and take the appropriate steps to strengthen them!

What strengthens nails?

So, what makes nails stronger, and how to stop nails from breaking? There are several products to strengthen nails that you can buy over the counter, such as supplements for nail health. For weak nails, vitamins are of course important, but the most recommended supplement to strengthen nails is biotin, which is a vitamin B-based supplement for strong nails, healthy hair, and clear skin—making it the best way to strengthen nails, with added beauty benefits!

Besides taking daily supplements, you can also purchase nail strengthening products in the form of topical solutions. Nail care products such as nail strengtheners and nourishing oils are some of the best products for healthy nails that support growth and strength. But when it comes to getting stronger nails using a natural formula, you can apply products like vitamin E capsules, apple cider vinegar, or coconut oil to your nails if you’re looking into how to strengthen nails home remedy-style.

How to strengthen nails?

Finding out how to make your nails stronger is essential for keeping your nails healthy and looking beautiful! Although there isn’t a magic solution of how to strengthen nails overnight, following a few key nail care rituals will help you achieve strong and sturdy nails in no time. One method of how to make nails strong is to keep them short, neat, and moisturized! Clipping some length off your nails will minimize the risk of breakage and hydrating them will provide them with a moisture-rich protective barrier.

Another way of how to make nails stronger is to avoid exposing them to factors like chemicals, hot water, and manual labor that can cause nail damage. So, the next time you’re cleaning up or washing dishes, make sure to slip on some gloves for extra protection! Additionally, giving your nails a break by ditching your regularly scheduled gel or acrylic manicure can also help rebuild the strength of your nails and be the perfect solution to how to strengthen soft, bendy nails and how to get stronger nails, overall.

How to grow healthy nails?

What’s the secret to how to grow and strengthen nails? Making conscious decisions of what you put into your body! This is one of the best tricks for how to grow strong nails naturally. Because healthy nails start from the inside, out, it’s important to stick to a balanced diet and drink enough water throughout the day to supply your nails with the nutrients and moisture they need. Breaking bad habits like nail biting or picking off nail polish can further help promote growth if you’re interested in finding ways of how to grow strong nails and reduce damage.

Using these guidelines is often enough to jumpstart healthy nail growth for many people in search of how to grow thick nails—but you can’t go wrong with a little extra assistance from supplements or nail care products! Choosing a combination of different treatment methods and caring for the general health and appearance of your nails will go a long way in strengthening your nails and making brittle nails a thing of the past.

Salon treatments for weak nails

At-home methods of strengthening nails do show some promising results, but sometimes it’s worth turning to an expert for a salon-quality nail treatment for brittle nails. According to industry professionals, the best nail treatment for weak nails is a keratin nail treatment. Keratin not only works as a quick strengthening nail treatment, but it also rebuilds the internal structure of the nail. On the other hand, paraffin treatments work wonders when it comes to hydrating the nails. So, if you’re searching for a nourishing weak nails treatment that’ll cure dryness, the best treatment for damaged nails due to lack of moisture may be a paraffin dip!

The best type of manicure for weak nails

Truthfully, going bare is the number one choice for restoring and strengthening weak nails. But if you just can’t seem to go without your routine mani, you’ll want to steer clear of getting acrylic and gel nails. Instead, you can opt for a classic manicure to keep the damage at a minimum. Or better yet, book a manicure that uses organic nail polishes made with natural ingredients, which is the best manicure for thin nails!

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