How to Dry Your Nails Fast?

How to Dry Your Nails Fast?

Have you finished your perfect manicure or pedicure, waited a long time, yet still ended up with smudges on your nails? Trust us, we get that! That’s why we’re sharing tips on the fastest way to dry nail polish. So, here are some industry secrets that you may want to try out!

How long does it take for nail polish to dry?

Each and every nail polish will take a different amount of time to dry. The differences in drying time are caused by several factors. These include the brand of the polish, the thickness and amount of coats applied, or whether you added nail art. That said, you can typically expect nail polish to dry in approximately 10-15 minutes. However, even if your manicure or pedicure seems dry, it’s best to avoid any risky activities. Refrain from preparing food right after a mani or jogging in case of a pedi.

Why is my nail polish not drying?

The most common reason your nail polish isn’t drying is due to improper application. Applying an overly thick coat, not waiting enough time between coat applications, or simply opting for too many layers can substantially prolong drying time. Also, if you’ve waited for quite a bit of time and your nails are still not dry, look at the bottle’s expiration date. You may have set aside that bottle of nail polish much longer than you realized, and it’s simply gone bad.

How to dry nail polish fast?

Part of the problem may be that you simply don’t have a lot of time. Or maybe, your last mani was ruined while you were waiting for it to dry, and you’re just fed up. Whether it was a bad experience or a busy schedule—you’ve been thinking about how to dry nails fast. Cutting down on drying time is something nearly everyone who appreciates nail art ponders about. It should come as no surprise that nail techs have come up with a number of tips and tricks. So, if you’re still wondering how to quickly dry nail polish? Keep reading to find out!

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Fast-drying nail polish

Since more people have entered into the beauty industry, who regularly use nail polish on their clients, it didn’t take long for nail polish manufacturers to realize the struggle of long drying time. Hence, the development of fast-drying nail polish. After applying this kind of nail polish, you’ll barely need to wait. Once you reach the last nail on your hand or foot, you can expect the first nail to be already dry.

Fast-drying nail polish
Cut down on drying time by opting for a quick-dry nail polish

Nail polish dryer

A hairdryer is one of the most popular ways to speed up nail polish drying. Just remember one important thing–always set your blow dryer to cool air, not hot. If you set it to warm air, you can end up melting your nail polish instead of drying it. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the burst of air isn’t too strong. After all, you want to dry your polish, not blast it off your nails and onto your cuticles. And if you don’t have a hairdryer available, you can also try fanning your nails with a piece of paper.

Quick-dry drops

Oil-based, quick-dry drops are an excellent alternative to a fast-drying top coat, as they don’t add an additional layer to your nail. The drops absorb the solvents in the nail polish while keeping the color intact. Also, once you apply the drops to your nails, they form a sort of barrier. They shield your nails from small particles, such as dust or dirt. Instead of setting in the polish, they just slide off. Finally, due to their formula, they’re also a great moisturizer for your cuticles. Talk about a win-win!

How to dry nails fast with water?

What is a cold water nail polish trick, you may ask? Well, there are two methods you can try. The first one is to run your painted nails under cold water. Ensure the water has a steady flow that is not too strong, as this can create smudges on your nails. The second method is to fill a bowl with cold water and two or three ice cubes before painting your nails. Once you finish painting your nails, wait about two minutes and dip your nails in the bowl, where you should keep them for about five minutes. You should see water beading on the nail plate when you take your nails out. This will mean your nail polish is, in fact, dry.

Quick-dry nail oil

Another way you can help speed things up when drying your nails is to apply baby oil or olive oil. Once you paint your nails, apply a drop or two onto your nail surface and wait around a minute or two. Gently wipe the oil with a dry paper towel once it starts beading on top of the nail surface. This method is especially recommended if you struggle with dry cuticles. Apart from working its drying magic, the oil will also hydrate the area around your nails.

Does UV light dry regular nail polish?

Sadly, the answer is “no” to the question of can you dry regular nail polish with a UV light?  Regular nail polish is formulated differently than gel polish. That is why although a UV or LED lamp is perfect for a gel or acrylic manicure, it won’t help speed up the drying process of your regular polish.

How to dry nail polish fast–hairspray

If all else fails, there remains the good-old hairspray method. In this case, you really can use hairspray to dry nails. However, since hairspray will only set the upper layer of your nail polish for the next twenty to thirty minutes after you’ve finished your mani or pedi, you will want to avoid bumping your nails, so as not to cause dents.

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