Brow Lamination: The Secret To Perfect Eyebrows

Brow Lamination: The Secret To Perfect Eyebrows

Are your eyebrows unruly, growing irregularly and not forming in the shape you want? Meet eyebrow lamination, a great alternative to microblading! Lamination will not only give your eyebrows a perfect shape, but also deeply nourish them!

Brow lamination is a treatment that allows you to arrange and change the direction of your eyebrows. Additionally, you get intensive regeneration and nourishment. So how does lamination work and who should consider getting it?

What is brow lamination?

Let’s begin with some basic information for those who don’t know exactly what brow lamination is. Well, the procedure involves changing the shape and direction of hair growth by using thioglycolic acid. During the treatment, the cuticle of the hair is opened and that’s why proper regeneration is so important during the next stages. For that the beautician will use special ingredients like botox, keratin, and vegetable oils. Products used during this service fill the binder between the cuticles and improve the condition and elasticity of the hair. They also restore proper hydration and give your hair some extra shine. 

Proper at-home care also plays an important role here. If you use appropriate products after lamination, you’ll ensure your brows will continue to be regenerated and look their best for longer. This will also stimulate the roots to grow strong and healthy hairs. For those wanting to go the extra mile, there is the option to finish the lamination treatment with henna. 

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What is brow lamination?


1. Lamination begins with the application of thioglycolic acid (which opens the hair cuticles) and covering the eyebrows with foil. Under the influence of the acid, brows become easy to style and absorb nutrients better.

2. The next step is properly arranging the eyebrows and applying keratin. Keratin helps keep the brows in the desired position and rebuild the hair structure. After applying keratin, brows are covered with foil once again.

3. Finally, it’s time to regulate and optionally tint the hair. The beautician will draw symmetrical lines on the face to help make sure that the final shape of the eyebrow matches your facial features.

Who can benefit from brow lamination?

We recommend lamination to those who want to define the shape of their brows and gain control of unruly hairs. It’s a perfect treatment for those who feel like their brows are living a life of their own. 

Lamination is great for both ladies and gentlemen, so don’t feel shy. It gives a natural effect so you won’t have to worry about others asking you if you’ve got makeup on your brows. 

Who can benefit from brow lamination?

Why we recommend booking at a salon

Brow lamination is a completely safe procedure, provided that it’s performed by a qualified specialist. Thioglycolic acid, used for lamination, must be applied to the eyebrows in an appropriate dose and with the necessary precision. Done improperly can irreversibly damage the fine hairs and lead to serious eye irritation. 

Eyebrow hairs tend to have different lengths which can also be problematic. It requires proper and even distribution of the products which may be hard for us as we may not be able to see our brows entirely in the mirror. Incorrect lamination can result in an undesired look or shape. It can even leave behind longer term hair issues and skin or eye irritation.

Brow lamination - Why we recommend booking at a salon

Visiting a beauty salon for brow lamination is safe, more reliable than at-home, and ends up providing you with long lasting beautiful eyebrows! Read more from us on why lamination is worth the hype.

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