Permanent Makeup Treatments to Book Now if You Love Going Makeup-Free

Permanent Makeup Treatments to Book Now if You Love Going Makeup-Free

Being effortlessly chic gets a whole lot easier when you’ve done the right prep work. Good skin care? Check. The best SPF moisturizer? Check. Permanent makeup? Check.

Since heavy makeup application can clog your pores and cause irritation and redness, going sans makeup allows your lashes, brows, and skin to breathe.  Estheticians to dermatologists recommend giving your skin a break at least once a month. But there is an option for you if you want to look fresh-faced and do it without applying one product.

No-makeup makeup looks are always on trend and, bonus points, make you look flawless. You can just sport clean skin that breathes and looks polished with no extra time commitment. It’s the perfect compliment to busy people that need to be camera- or office-ready any time. With these treatments, you never again need to schedule in an hour and a half to pimp before you hop on a Google Meet.

It does some like the dream, doesn’t it?

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Here is everything you need to consider before exploring your permanent makeup options.

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Recommended semi- and permanent makeup treatments

Sometimes it may be hard to keep up with all the new beauty trends. If you’re a bit behind, that’s nothing to worry about! We’ve compiled a list of a few semi-permanent and permanent makeup treatments definitely worth recommending. So if you’re interested in the no-makeup look, we encourage you to read on!

  • Lip blushing, aka lip tattooing
  • Microblading
  • Scar cover-ups
  • Freckle tattoos
  • Permanent eyeliner

In this article, we are diving into two of the most popular treatments: Lip blushing/tattooing and Microblading.

Lip tattooing

The newest version of lip tattooing is the semi-permanent lip blush treatment. This service is becoming the next big thing after lip fillers, seriously! It essentially allows you to have juicy lips anywhere, anytime, without worrying that the color will come off while drinking or eating. Additionally, the finish is completely natural.

So how does lip blushing work?

With a consistent hand motion, a beautician will use a single needle to penetrate your lips and infuse them, so to say, with a special tint. This technique, essentially making a series of dots on your lips that at a normal distance can’t be detected. All that anyone else sees is a pretty pout.

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how does lip blushing work

How long will a lip blush last?

This type of semi-permanent makeup will last somewhere between two to three years.

What are the biggest benefits of a lip blush?

This is a no-makeup makeup look? A lip blush is the true epitome of such a look. It provides you with long-lasting color, additionally creating an effect of fuller, more symmetrical lips. It’s great for an everyday look, but you can always use lipstick or lipgloss on top.

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Semi-permanent eyebrows

Arguably the most popular semi-permanent makeup treatment for the brows is microblading. Microblading allows you to get fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows while maintaining a natural look. No more filling, fluffing, or fussing.

See these amazing before and after photos on this post by Allure.

How does microblading work?

A beautician will use a tool with tiny needles that will deposit the pigment. She’ll do this by drawing delicate hair strokes to achieve a natural-looking effect. Before the pigment will be applied, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the color and the shape of the eyebrows. This is arguably quite an important decision, as it will determine how you’ll look for the one to three years. That is more or less how long the pigment will last.

How does microblading work?

Lash lamination

Also known as a “lash lift,” this treatment is great for those who’ve had enough of their always-coming off mascara. It’s basically a lash perm that curls and lifts your lashes. It’s a semi-permanent treatment, so it’s more on the subtle side. It’s a great option if eyelash extensions are too dramatic for you, but you still want to make your eyes pop.

How long does it last?

The longevity of a lash lamination depends on the individual regrowth cycle of your lashes. Essentially, for some people it will last longer, for others, it lasts less time. But on average, most people can expect lash lamination to last four to six weeks.

Lash lamination

At its core, permanent makeup applications are meant to be subtle and completely natural looking. You can always choose to add makeup on top (full glam or just a little tinted moisturizer, it’s up to you!). People are opting for this more and more often because it eliminates the prep time altogether. This trend will likely gain more momentum rather than lose steam as society is hungry for more natural answers in their look.

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