4 Brow and Lash Myths Busted by Professionals

4 Brow and Lash Myths Busted by Professionals

Compared to a service like hair or nails, brow and lash services are newer to the industry. If you’ve never gotten these done yourself, chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about them that’s keeping you from pulling the trigger and making the appointment. Or at the very least, they’ve skewed your perception on technique, long-term effects, pricing and more. To debunk these widely spread myths, we chatted with our friends and Booksy providers over at Moodlash Artists in Lake Mary, Florida. Here are 4 brow and lash myths busted by professionals!

Brow Myth #1: The best way to let your brows grow is to not touch them

False! Your brows grow like the hair on your head—they need follicle stimulation to grow. The same advice that professionals give you for hair growth applies here. In order to re-stimulate the follicles and encourage growth, activities like brushing them and getting them regularly threaded or waxed is necessary. Think of the stragglers around the brow like getting rid of dead ends. To allow for growth into their natural shape, your brows should be groomed frequently, the same as the hair on your head. 

Lash Myth #2: Lash extensions ruin your natural lashes 

Like many other brow and lash myths, this is subjective. Lashes are one of those services that require maintenance afterwards. When the maintenance protocol is not followed and the aftercare instructions are ignored, false lashes do have the tendency to ruin your natural lashes. There are other reasons that have cast an umbrella judgment over lashes and given them the short end of the stick. One of them being if they are applied by someone who is not a certified professional.

Lash application is an art with a required technique. If not done properly, the result will not be a desired one. This can be said about any other service in the beauty industry as well. Additionally, lash misplacement and poor isolation can also cause damage to your natural lashes. All of that being said, our friends at Moodlash have done hundreds if not thousands of successful lash extensions and application appointments in which their clients repeatedly come back for more! The same kind of maintenance can be applied when talking about hair extensions. It’s a two way street in terms of effort and upkeep!

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Brow Myth #3: Hair removal causes aging

A quick solve for this is booking with an experiences, trained, and certified brow artist. “Anyone who is a certified professional knows to hold the skin taut while removing the hair. This can completely avoid that issue,” says Bianca from Moodlash. With that being said, constant and rough plucking of your brows over the years can cause skin to thin, which allows for wrinkles to appear more easily over time. Firstly, this refers to plucking which is slowly becoming a less popular method of getting rid of unwanted brow hair. Secondly, as Bianca said, any experienced brow artist knows holding the skin tight is key to any service. To say hair removal causes aging is a broad generalization that taints the industry as a whole and just isn’t true.

Lash Myth #4: Lash extensions are painful and uncomfortable

Natalie from Moodlash says most of her clients often fall asleep in the chair because it’s such a peaceful experience. Again, if you booked an appointment with someone who is trained and certified, there should be no pain during this process. From the experiences of Natalie, it sounds like the right tools should put you right to sleep!

Never judge or miss out on a service because someone told you an anecdote from their personal experience. Try it for yourself when you book with the many professionals listed on Booksy. Book your appointment today!

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