5 Reasons Eyebrow Lamination is Worth the Hype

5 Reasons Eyebrow Lamination is Worth the Hype

Eyebrow lamination is a pain-free way to reshape and fill your brows. As an alternative to micro-blading, this technique uses a chemical process instead of invasive blades. This is a great service to consider if you don’t like needles, want to save a little cash at the salon, and want a little more flexibility in the results.

Although it may invoke memories of grade school, writing on plastic-coated sheets of paper with dry erase markers, in the world of beauty it’s taken on a much different meaning. Enter: brow lamination, one of the best-kept secrets to achieving full and feathery eyebrows.

Eyebrow lamination – what to expect

Laminating eyebrows is like perming your brow, in a way. Brow lamination works by using a chemical solution in order to lift and shape the eyebrow hairs into your desired form. The process starts by applying a lifting cream to your brows, the eyebrows are then brushed upwards to set the hairs vertically. Lastly, a neutralizing solution is applied in order to fully set the effect and the brows are topped with a nourishing serum to keep them hydrated. But is it worth the hype? We’d say, definitely—and here’s why.

Eyebrow lamination – what to expect

Fuller-looking brows

The number one benefit of getting laminated brows is, of course, getting a bigger and fuller eyebrow look. By straightening them and lifting them upwards, brow lamination can easily hide the look of sparse eyebrows, whether this is due to thinning hair with age or over-plucking, instantly transforming them into the perfect set of fluffy brows.

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Eyebrow Shaping

Not only does a lamination treatment give you thicker-looking eyebrows, but it also corrects their natural shape. Eyebrow hairs are often unpredictable, growing whichever way they please. Brow lamination solves this problem and can help change the direction of the hair’s growth. In the end, this results in a higher eyebrow arch and a more defined shape.

Eyebrow Shaping

Pain-free procedure

Microblading may have taken the beauty industry by storm, but eyebrow lamination isn’t trailing all too far behind. If you love the look of microbladed eyebrows but aren’t too keen on getting pricked by needles, then brow lamination makes a perfect non-invasive and painless alternative.

Quick treatment process

The procedure itself is rather simple and doesn’t require more than a few simple steps to complete it, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing too much of your time for a brow lamination appointment. From start to finish, you can expect the treatment process to take under an hour.

Microblading - Quick treatment process

Lasts up to 8 weeks

Depending on your eyebrows’ natural hair growth cycle, lamination can last anywhere from three to eight weeks.

Is there anything else I should know?

Brow lamination is rather simple and thankfully, doesn’t come with an extensive list of precautions to take or contraindications to consider—it’s generally a safe procedure for anyone who wants to achieve beautiful brows with minimal effort.

However, take extra care if you have scars, scratches, or burns near the eyes. Existing conditions like dry skin or eczema surrounding the eye area could also cause irritation when getting a lamination. Be sure to consult with a doctor before scheduling your appointment.

 getting a lamination

Lamination near me

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