The Rundown On Brow Threading

The Rundown On Brow Threading

When people go to get their eyebrows done, they’re usually referring to a wax. We know how wax works—the technician applies warm wax to your eyebrow, puts thin paper on top, and removes it quickly, along with unwanted hair. Even though this method is popular, it’s not the only way to shape your brows. Enter: eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading is a method of brow hair removal and shaping that has been picking up popularity over the last few years. This works by shaping the brows with twisted threads. The service itself takes a short amount of time, which makes it a favorite for the busy bees getting it done.

The technique originates from eastern countries. Removing hair with a cotton thread has been known in India for thousands of years. It’s used, not only for styling the eyebrows, but hair removal for the upper lip, chin, and cheeks, too. Even the shortest and most delicate hairs can be removed by threading!

And as an added perk, threading involves pulling hair up by the root, so they take longer to grow back. For example, an eyebrow wax lasts for about 2 weeks, whereas threading can last up to a month.

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Now that you know a little bit about what threading is and its history, let’s get into the details. Here’s a quick rundown on eyebrow threading, starting from the basics! 

What does the process of eyebrow threading look like?

Have you ever seen someone with incredibly defined brows, and they said it was because of threading? There’s a reason for that. In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, threading allows brow technicians to achieve incredibly defined arches.  

Threading is very precise, and allows for the removal of whole lines of hair or single hairs in small areas. This is possible due to how thin the thread is. If you’re looking for a sharper eyebrow shaping method, threading is for you.

Here’s how it works: A brow tech will use a long piece of natural, 100% cotton thread that is twisted in a loop-like fashion. They’ll use this thread to map out the shape of the eyebrows, where the arch should be, and where the hair should be removed. After that’s done, the tech will use the twisted thread will glide across the skin, removing the hairs. 

Example of eyebrow threading process.

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Going to a professional salon is the best way to get beautifully threaded brows and ensure they’re done safely. However, depending on where you live, you may not have access to a brow tech. We’ve got your answer there too. 

There’s a way to check and see if you can get eyebrow threading done in the comfort of your own home. By using Booksy, you can search and find brow techs near you. If you see a profile that includes a tab that says, “Mobile Services,” that means that the pro is comfortable making house calls.

If a brow tech that comes to you sounds right up your alley, head to the Booksy app to get started. Choose your appointment on your own time, and boom—service safety.

DIY eyebrow threading

Maybe you’ve had threading done before and you’re interested in trying it yourself. With some effort, patience, and practice, this is definitely possible. So, if you want to give it a go, ask an eyebrow threading brow tech for a tutorial. Plus, if you’re a visual learner, YouTube is full of video guides if you need an extra hand after a tech’s opinion.

The only tool you’ll need for eyebrow threading is a long 100% cotton thread and dry, clean hands. 

As with learning anything, don’t expect flawless results from the get-go. But if you’re determined to become a DIY threading pro, make sure you keep these essential rules in mind. But remember to always ask a pro!

1. Define your desired eyebrow shape. You can use a pencil eyeliner to mark your arches and general shape for visual assistance.

2. Take your natural cotton thread. Cut about a 10-inch piece off, and tie it at the ends to form a loop.

3. Place the loop. Make sure the thread is around the index and middle fingers of both hands, then twist tightly, about 4 times.

4. Put the thread to the edge of the eyebrow. Move your fingers to lift the hairs, plucking them out by their bulbs.

5. Soothe your skin. Afterwards, use a natural moisturizer or aloe vera cream.

Does eyebrow threading hurt? And is it safe?

While everyone has a different pain tolerance, the sensation of eyebrow threading can be comparable to traditional tweezing. But usually, any discomfort is short-lived, since an experienced professional will be able to perform the entire treatment in about 5 minutes (sometimes less!).

And on top of the low time commitment, people claim that threading is less irritating than other methods, such as waxing. 

With threading, you’re not risking any type of allergic reaction from chemicals or substances—since the only product being used is a piece of thread. As long as your technician is complying with hygiene standards, eyebrow threading is a very safe method of hair removal.

Example of someone with threaded eyebrows.

How much does threading cost?

Eyebrow threading is relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get beautiful brows. Prices will vary from salon to salon, but usually, the price falls somewhere between $15 to $45 dollars.

There is a way to check out prices before you book. This in addition to finding a great specialist. On Booksy, you can check out your options of eyebrow threading salons and techs

So now, you know tons about eyebrow threading. We hope this diminished fears you have about the process. Good luck, and happy booking!

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