The Best Ways to Get Long Lashes

The Best Ways to Get Long Lashes

Most of us dream of having long, luscious lashes. But why just dream? With the proper care and nutrition, thick and flirty lashes are easily attainable! Today, we’re spilling everything you need to know about making luxe lashes a reality.

Lashes 101

The upper eyelid has around 150-200 eyelashes on average, and the lower has about 50-150. On average, the lashes on the upper lid grow to be about 8-12mm long, and the lower ones to around 6-8mm. However, proper nutrition can contribute to their growth, making them even longer and thicker!

The eyelash life cycle takes somewhere around 3 to 4 months. During this time, the lashes undergo three different phases of growth. The first is the intensive growth phase, or anagen, and lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, the lashes grow very intensively and gain volume. The next phase is catagen, which is a temporary period during which the hair follicles gradually shrink. And during the last phase, telogen, the hairs fall out.

After going through the entire cycle, the hair follicles start working again and the lashes grow back. Each time, about 70% of the eyelashes are in the intensive growth period together. Therefore, when lashes begin to fall out, it’s almost imperceptible and doesn’t cause unsightly gaps. If in this phase, we provide the lashes with proper nutrition and care, the growth period will be extended—resulting in longer, stronger, and thicker natural lashes!

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What should you know about your eyelashes?

The purpose eyelashes play

Although we value their beauty, eyelashes aren’t just a decorative element of our faces. Of course, long lashes add charm and emphasize the eye area, but their natural role is much different. Eyelashes serve to protect our eyes against impurities and debris from getting into our eyes. They also sense objects approaching us and stimulate the eyelid blink reflex to protect the eyes from damage.

The number of hair follicles doesn’t change throughout a person’s life. This means we’ll always maintain about the same number of eyelashes. When lashes are in their fall-out phase, they may thin out slightly, but new ones grow back quickly in the place of the old ones. This way, our eyes are always provided with adequate protection.

What weakens long lashes?

The condition of the eyelashes naturally deteriorates with age. In older people, eyelashes can be more fragile and prone to breaking. However, we often unknowingly contribute to their deterioration ourselves. Frequent use of an eyelash curler, eyelash extensions, and even improper makeup removal can significantly weaken them. Rubbing your lashes during makeup removal can be destructive—so be sure to not tug on the lashes next time you’re taking your makeup off!

Lash extensions, although beautiful, can attribute to lash damage. For example, having lash extensions can weigh the natural lashes down and weaken them. And aside from that, eyelashes can even be damaged by using old mascara.

Why? Mascara that has been opened for a long time carries the risk of eye infection from bacteria multiplying on the brush. The longer you use it, the greater the number of pathogenic microorganisms. So stick to tossing your mascara after 6 months of use, maximum.

If at any point you get an eye infection, you should not use any contaminated cosmetics. That way, you won’t risk reinfecting the eye, since disease-causing bacteria may still remain.

And of course, the quality and appearance of your lashes can even be affected by stress, improper diet, and a history of diseases like conjunctivitis, thyroid disorders, or cancers treated with chemotherapy.

What can weaken long eyelashes?

What’s the best way to take care of your lashes?

Makeup removal

Eye makeup removal is a basic care treatment that should already be a part of your daily beauty routine. Going to sleep with eye makeup weakens the natural lashes, so if you want to enjoy long, and thick lashes and help keep them in the right condition, it’s best to not skip this step.

To do it properly, avoid forcefully rubbing your eyes. First, soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover, then apply it to one eye and wait for it to dissolve the makeup. After that, gently remove the cotton pad by sliding it from the top of the eye to the bottom. Repeat the same process for the other eye.

Eyelash conditioners

A great way to get long eyelashes is to use the appropriate eyelash conditioners. In your local drugstore, you’ll be able to find these types of products that nourish, nurture, and stimulate lash growth. There are different preparations with different methods of application, too. Some come in the form of a handy brush that’s used the same way as mascara. Others are applied to the base of the eyelashes with a small paintbrush tool.

What’s in the formula? The most common ingredients of eyelash conditioners are vitamin B12 and biotin, which prevent hair loss, hyaluronic acid that provides hydration, and glycoproteins that stimulate the hair follicles. Many lash conditioners also contain panthenol, which renews the structure of the eyelashes and increases their elasticity. Likewise, you’ll notice that many formulas contain plant extracts that help with regeneration and moisturization.

Castor oil

The secret of castor oil is one that has been passed down through generations. Our mothers and grandmothers can attest to the beneficial effects of castor oil on the lashes through its regenerating properties. Castor oil helps rebuild the hair structure, which makes the lashes become thicker and grow better. And as an added bonus, it also naturally darkens the color of the eyelashes.

The beauty of it is that castor oil is natural and safe—however, as with any product, use caution when applying it to your eye area. Castor oil has a rather thin consistency and can irritate the eyes if it comes into direct contact with them. So the best way to avoid a mishap is by dipping a clean spoolie into some castor oil and applying it as you would mascara.

Rest and relaxation

Everyone needs a rest at some point, even our eyelashes. Daily makeup isn’t good for the lashes, so it’s recommended to give them some room to breathe at least once a week. If you’re doing a makeup-free day, you can do a simple home lash treatment with castor oil and vitamin E. Otherwise, simply leave them in their natural state to allow them to regenerate.

Supplements fit for luxe lashes

To strengthen your lashes to the max, you can always reach for dietary supplements that will boost your vitamin and mineral intake that’s needed for proper lash growth. Ideally, go for supplements that contain:

–   Vitamins A, B, C, and E

–   Aloe and horsetail extracts

–   Biotin

–   Cysteine and niacin

–   Minerals like iodine, iron, and zinc

last extensions

It turns out that long lashes don’t have to just be a dream. With a combination of the appropriate treatments and well-chosen cosmetics, you’ll be on your way to full and thick lashes in no time. The prerequisites for growing out your lashes are patience and a regular routine. But with a little bit of care, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effects.

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