Ear Piercing Trends You’ll Want To Jump On Right Now

Ear Piercing Trends You’ll Want To Jump On Right Now

Could 2023 possibly be the year of the ear? More than ever before, this year, we’ve seen an explosion of new ear piercing trends that’ve been skyrocketing in popularity among the masses. We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the coolest, trendiest, and most note-worthy piercing inspirations from 2023, so that you don’t have to—be prepared to want to add a new hole (or three) to your ears.

All chained up ear piercing

Long, chain-like earrings add a new and interesting element to the otherwise traditional look of hoops and studs. Some chain earrings can even be worn through multiple holes at once, so there are definitely options when it comes to styling.

Chunky statement earrings

Thick, chunky, and industrial-style jewelry is hot in 2022—and we’re particularly into these sorts of earrings for cartilage-based piercings.

More is more

Too much is never enough, so pile on the piercings because the more, the merrier. And feel free to mismatch your ears—especially if you’ve been intrigued by asymmetric ear piercing trends.

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Double or nothing

If maximalism isn’t your thing or you’re taking it slow with getting new piercings, go for a second lobe piercing to liven up your ear game.

Dangles and charms

The charm bracelet trend of the 50s and 60s is back, but this time with a modern twist in the form of earrings with charm-like dangles, topping the charts for women’s ear piercing trends and men’s ear piercing trends alike.

Huggies, the baby hoops

They aren’t called huggies without reason, this itty-bitty style of hoop essentially “hugs” the earlobes, making them comfortable and practical everyday earrings for any placement.

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