Stylists Spill Their Guts About DIY Halloween Disasters They’ve Had to Fix

Stylists Spill Their Guts About DIY Halloween Disasters They’ve Had to Fix

Halloween costuming is intricate and takes some serious technical wizardry to pull off. You’re probably considering your outfit, hair, makeup, and maybe even prosthetics. We know it’s no small task getting ghoul’d up for All Hallow’s Eve. But before you put color to hair or file to nails, read this blog. Straight from the stylists, barbers, and nail technicians that have seen it all, here are their top Halloween DIY disasters.

They’re sharing these as cautionary tales so you avoid a disaster that you could be paying for long after October 31st is over.


Alfredo Lewis

“I’ve seen many Halloween hair disasters in my days. The worst was a client dying her hair black at home for an Elvira costume. 

She didn’t understand the difference between semi, demi, and permanent color. She knew permanent was a ‘no’ but was under the impression that semi- and demi- would wash out of her level 8 blonde (dark blonde) hair with beautiful highlights. 

She used demi-permanent hair color and it grabbed her porous hair and took it to a muddy black. 

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It took me over 8 hours over 2 appointments to get her hair back to where it was. 

The truth is even semi-permanent color can take to blonde hair and these quick Halloween hair changes should always be done by a professional who understands how even temporary color works. And more importantly, how to remove it without damage.”

– Alfredo Lewis – Hair | @alfredo_lewis 

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Peal Themselves

Mercedes theunicorngoddess

“1. With it being peel season, one of the biggest disasters I see this time of year is surrounded by all things chemical peels. I get it; who doesn’t want that glowing glass skin to have the perfect canvas for your Halloween makeup? It ties together your hair color and killer nails.

Not knowing how to handle these products can surely leave you looking and feeling like a pumpkin… unless that’s the look you’re going for? 

2. Even if you’re doing an enzyme peel (very mild and eats the dead skin cells on a very superficial level, think of it as the Pac-Man of peels), you should always consult with your Esthi Bestie before doing anything that may compromise your skin barrier. You don’t want to leave yourself with more issues than you started, like hyperpigmentation, scarring, and more.

You will want to have your facials and skincare treatments in advance to ensure the only thing that spooks everyone is how good your skin looks.”

-Mercedes Valencia – Skin | @theunicorngoddess 

Paging Royleethebarber to the OR

Leroy Garrett royleethebarber

“I had one client, in particular, try to cut his own hair. It came out really bad, and I had to basically perform barber surgery to bring his hair back to life. 

Getting a haircut that doesn’t result in bald spots is a benefit to letting professionals like myself cut your hair. I know that there are many YouTube videos on how to cut hair, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. My advice to my clients is to leave it to the professionals lol 🙂”

– Leroy Garrett – Barber | @royleethebarber

Don’t leave your hair on life support. Go ahead and page your barber or stylist now.

Never-the-Same Nails

Michelle Soto Nail Artist

“I’ve seen many disasters throughout my career but one of the most common ones is how performing DIY nail sets causes over-filing of the nail plate.

I’ve seen it to the point where the person had so much sensitivity even to water temperature touching their hands and constant pain in the fingertips. Not to mention the cuts and permanent damage to the matrix of the nail.

One case specifically later caused abnormalities in the growth that could never be reversed!

In conclusion, certain things are OK as DIYs while others are just meant to be performed by a professional. We have the proper training and knowledge to execute them correctly and protect you from permanent issues.”

– Michelle Soto – Nails | @chellys_nails


Bottom line, when it comes to your haircut, color (even semi- and demi-permanent options), and fun and feral nails, let the pros handle it. At worst, doing it yourself could cause irrevocable damage. At best, you’re sporting an awkward look for a few days after. Neither scenario is ideal, so the very least you can do is consult with your service provider. 

Share your vision, your ideas, and get their opinion. They are there for guidance and to mitigate disasters. If you hurry, there’s still time to book a consult or service before Halloween.

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