What Is Tooth Jewellery? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Tooth Jewellery?

When it comes to jewellery trends, we’ve seen it all. There are obviously classic wearable pieces such as necklaces and rings, but there’s also a more modern side to wearable jewels with the likes of piercings, whether we’re talking the ears or the navel. But the evolution of body jewellery is far from slowing down, and its latest take will have you all smiles—say hello to tooth jewellery.

So what is tooth jewellery?

Also sometimes referred to as tooth gems, tooth jewels, or tooth piercings, tooth jewellery doesn’t actually require puncturing the tooth in any sort of way—whew! Instead, this completely pain-free procedure involves attaching a decorative element, like a crystal or a metallic embellishment, to the tooth’s surface. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete, from start to finish, and is typically designed to last around six months to a year, making it a perfect temporary enhancement for your smile.

So what is tooth jewellery?

Tooth jewellery procedure step by step

Before the actual application process takes place, you’ll want to choose your tooth jewellery and the type of look you’re going for! Consult with your technician and let them know which tooth (or teeth) you’d like to place your tooth jewellery on, and which gem style you want to use—you can even opt to apply multiple jewels to create a design or pattern.

  1. A secure tooth jewel starts with clean teeth! The first step in applying your tooth jewellery is brushing your teeth to prep them for the application process.
  2. The selected tooth will then be isolated, dried, and will be cleaned with a special solution to help improve the bond between the tooth’s surface and the piece of tooth jewellery.
  3. Next, a special bonding agent that acts as glue will be applied to the area where the jewellery will be applied.
  4. Using dental instruments or forceps, your technician will place the tooth jewellery onto the bonding agent and position it accordingly.
  5. Then, to set the tooth jewellery in place, they’ll use a UV lamp to cure the bonding solution in order to harden it.
  6. Once the glue is thoroughly cured, you’re good to go! You’ll likely receive some simple aftercare instructions from your technician to keep your tooth gem looking tip-top.
  7. Many individuals that specialize in tooth jewellery application offer removal services, but your tooth jewel can also be removed by a qualified dental professional at any point in time.

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