Make the Most out of Black Friday This Year

Make the Most out of Black Friday This Year

You barely clear the table from your Thanksgiving feast before another major event begins. Black Friday is known for being one of the busiest annual shopping days, as stores use this day to entice consumers to buy items at discounted prices.

And, being near a gift-giving season, Black Friday is a useful—yet sometimes unseen—tradition. The marketplace has determined that eCommerce is a consumer favorite, being the best place to check out the bargains without leaving your house. Even with your slippers on, you can replicate the excitement and experience and excitement of Black Friday.

Here’s how to have a successful Black Friday for self-care lovers and shopping enthusiasts, who look forward to taking advantage of a good deal. 

1. Look for ways to book appointments online.

If you’re accustomed to making appointments in-store, you may be missing out on a safe, contact-free way of securing your spot. Book your next service online, or use an app, like Booksy. Booksy is a full-service booking platform that hosts thousands of service providers who represent a wide range of industries. 

Ready for your next beauty or wellness service? From massages to facials, we’ve got you covered. Book your next appointment in just a few taps

One of the best parts about browsing online is that you can tailor your search to find the best fit. Additionally, you’ll have tools available to you like business hours and reviews, so you’ll be able to book appointments with confidence.

So, if you’re looking for your next hairstyle or full set, be sure to check online! That way, you won’t even have to leave your couch to put yourself on a calendar.

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2. Search for holiday specials. 

The best thing about Black Friday is catching all those sales. This season, look beyond the retail stores for discounts. It’s possible your favorite small businesses will be hosting a sale of their own. 

For instance, your barber could be offering a discount on a premium service, or a lash tech you know is offering half off for first-timers. If your regular service providers aren’t having any deals, don’t worry. That’s the perfect time to find a backup by leveraging these sales. 

Even if you can’t get in with one of your favorites, try browsing for options on Black Friday. You might even find something you didn’t know you needed.

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3. Ditch the craze and shop at your own speed. 

Being inside of a busy store on Black Friday wouldn’t be the best situation for most of us this year. In order to skip the crowds, people can shop online. But what about a busy salon or shop? Is there an easy alternative, like making purchases on the internet?

That alternative can be found by looking for service providers who do house calls: They come to you for the appointment, making safety a priority. You can find options like these by asking your regular provider if they’d come to your home, or find one who will, using a website like Booksy. Check out this post for details about using Mobile Services.

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4. Buy a Gift Card for a loved one. 

One of the simplest ways to shop for a loved one on Black Friday this year is to buy a gift card. Gift cards are a great way to show someone you care about them by giving them a discounted item or service. 

Did you know that it’s likely your loved ones’ favorite hairstylist or tattoo artist has some kind of gift card or gift promotion option? Gift cards are common across various industries, so don’t be afraid to look for them in places you wouldn’t think.

And it’s easy to buy a Gift Card through Booksy, which is a great alternative to buying something from a store. Feel free to spread the love to family and friends by sending them a haircut appointment or massage therapy session that’s already been paid for via a Gift Card.

5. Schedule a self-care appointment for yourself.

If you want to make sure that you look and feel your absolute best this time of year, schedule a self-care appointment! Setting aside time for yourself is always important. But keep in mind that stress levels are particularly high this year for a number of reasons.

Book a relaxing massage or a spa facial today. And remember that if you use Booksy, it’s easy to put that time on your calendar. That way, before the appointment, you’ll receive a reminder. This simple act should help you feel better about yourself while eliminating a little bit of stress. 

Booksy allows you to communicate with the service provider before the appointment to ensure your questions are answered. Additionally, you can leave a note for them before the start time. 

Remember that Black Friday this year is all about adapting. Know what you can and can’t do. And remember that thankfully, what you can do is a lot more than what’s not possible at the moment. There are ways to celebrate the holiday we might have not thought of before, but they’re just as special. 

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