The Trendiest Manicure Ideas For Winter 2023

The Trendiest Manicure Ideas For Winter

You’ve played around and had your fun with abstract prints and fiery colors for your fall manicure, but as the seasons change, you find yourself wondering “what color should I paint my nails for winter?”. Well, ask and you shall receive—because we’re taking a look at our hotlist of this season’s top colors and designs to step up your nails for winter 2023 and give you some major “nailspiration”.

Chocolate brown

Hottest color of the season? Warm, chocolate brown shades reminiscent of a cup of hot cocoa will perfectly play up the wintertime vibes.

Futuristic chrome

The year is 2023…or is it? Time travel to the future with a set of silvery, reflective, or chrome-like nails.

Very cherry

If you want to keep your manicure for winter classic, go for an ultra-glossy cherry red polish.

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Groovy waves

Summer and autumn’s trend of funky patterns is projected to continue going strong with wavy nails—choose your favorite color combo or let your nail tech freestyle your look.

Earthy greens

Emerald green is always a good winter color choice, but this year you’ll be seeing more of muted, earth-toned greens.

Graphite grays

Charcoal, graphite, and stone-inspired grays not only look great on everyone, but they happen to be some of 2023’s top trending winter colors for nails.


Clean designs featuring simple lines and geometric shapes can spruce up any base color and even make a great option for winter nail designs for short nails that have less surface area for design.

The weather may be cold, but these winter 2023 manicure ideas are hot—schedule your next manicure completely online via the Booksy mobile app.

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