How to Properly Remove Acrylic Nails

How to Properly Remove Acrylic Nails

Today’s manicure techniques allow us to get nails we never thought we could – long, colorful, strong, and long-lasting. We can choose from a myriad of different types of manicures, from shellac, through gel, to acrylic. Acrylics are especially loved by those of us who treat our nails as a fashion statement, allowing us to truly express our sense of style. And they’re great, they stay on for so long, and chip-free! The problem arises, however, when after two to three weeks, not so stylish regrowths begin to appear on the nails. That’s the signal that we have to remove the acrylic. So how to remove acrylic nails? You can of course go to your manicurist to get this taken care of, but sometimes you just may not have the time to squeeze this in during the day, and you’re left with taking your acrylics off by yourself at night.

Removing your acrylic nails at a nail salon

We strongly encourage you to have your acrylic nails removed at a nail salon by a professional. This is the fastest and safest way, and you won’t risk getting a damaged nail bed. Acrylic nails are one of the most challenging to take off, so one wrong move and you can damage your nail or cuticle.

Another benefit of visiting a beauty salon is that you don’t necessarily have to get your acrylics removed. The manicurist can always reshape your nails, cover your regrowths and you’re good to go for another few weeks! You can change the design of your acrylics entirely, or just get the old ones refreshed.

The third reason you may want to get your acrylic nails removed at a salon is the tools necessary. Not each of us has a mini nail salon in a special box at home. You also need to spend money on these tools and products, so it’s not huge money saving anyway.

Finally, come on, the hassle! If you’re not a professional, removing your acrylic nails may take two or three times longer than a beautician. You actually save time by choosing the salon option. And it’s simply a lot easier! You can even watch your favorite show on your phone while a manicurist takes care of those nails!

Removing your acrylic nails at a nail salon

How to remove acrylic nails at home

If we haven’t convinced you to visit a beauty salon to get your nails taken care of, let us help you go through the process properly at home. Getting prepared is key, so you’ll want to gather a few things necessary:

  • nail clippers,
  • nail file,
  • small bowl,
  • pure acetone,
  • cuticle pusher,
  • nail buffer

If you don’t have some of these things, no worries, visit a local store or order them online.

Here’s how to remove acrylic nails with acetone:

Step 1

The first thing you’ll want to do is take your nail clippers and cut your nails. The length is honestly up to you, but we recommend cutting them shorter. The best way is to cut them at the line that your natural nail bed finishes.

Step 2

Take your nail file, you’ll want a sturdy one here, and file the flat of the nail to remove some of the acrylic. You can file off as much as you like, as that will speed up the soaking process, but never file off the entire product as you may start removing your natural nail. This is the moment you need to be careful as to not damage your nail bed.

how to remove acrylic nails with acetone

Step 3

Now you’ll want to get that bowl and acetone. Pour the acetone into the bowl so when you place your hand inside, the acetone will cover your nails. You let your nails soak in this bath and wait around twenty minutes. After twenty minutes you can take your hand out and grab your cuticle pusher. What you’ll do is you’ll scrape off the top layer of acrylic, but be careful, and don’t use excessive force. If there is still acrylic left on your nails, stick them back into the bowl and repeat this process as many times as necessary.

Step 4

For this one you’ll want to get your nail buffer. Use is to softly buff your nails and remove any patches of acrylic that still didn’t come off. This is also the way you can get your nails to have a smooth surface.

Step 5 (optional)

If your nails aren’t looking their best after this process, use a nail strengthener and cuticle oil to provide them with some nourishment.

Removing acrylics

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