Blue Nail Styles That’ll Instantly Perk You Up

Blue Nail Styles

If you’ve looked down at your fingernails recently and have decided they’re in desperate need of some TLC, you may have caught a case of the manicure blues—but not to worry! The antidote is none other than a quick trip to the nail salon. At your next appointment, fight blues with blue, using the trendiest hues of one of this year’s top colors. Here are some of the most in-style blue nail designs to inspire your next set.

Deep navy

Looking for dark blue nail designs? A rich and deep navy shade is ideal for those who prefer more muted tones.


Cute blue nail designs we just can’t live without are blue nails that feature fun flower-inspired motifs.

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Blue French

Modernize the look of a standard French manicure with blue tips! This look works with any shade on the blue spectrum, whether you prefer royal blue nail designs or sky blue nail designs.


The latest top trending blue tone is most definitely cobalt—it’s the perfect in-between shade when you can’t decide between bright or dark.

Satin finish

A satin-like effect can make your nails appear frosted or pearlescent. Try it out with any nail shape since it works for oval, square, stiletto, coffin blue nail designs, and all other styles.

Pale hues

When it comes to light blue nail designs, soft, faded, dusty, and even pastel shades of blue are the hottest options.


The longer the nails, the more room for design! To achieve acrylic blue nail designs, try out some abstract looking patterns.

Color mix

Keep blue as the dominant color of your mani, but play around with adding in other shades as an interesting mix for blue gel nail designs or acrylic.

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