Trending Black And White Nail Designs

Trending Black And White Nail Designs

Black and white is one of the most traditional color combinations, and it’s one that proves opposites attract. Seen in all aspects of life from animals, like zebras and pandas, to entertainment like race flag checks or the eight ball, this contrasting blend is the ultimate fusion of disparate colors that you should take inspiration from for your next manicure. View our style guide of the top trending white and black nail designs.

White on black

If you want to go super high contrast whether it’s for black and white acrylic nail designs or gel, choose a black base with some standout white details.

Alternating colors

Switching between black and white from nail to nail is always a classic choice which works for both edgy or elegant black and white nail designs.

Speckled nails

Easy black and white nail designs to try out include speckled or dotted nails, where you can bank on that perfectly imperfect look.

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Sharp lines

Sharp lines can add to the inversive effect of a black and white color combo—if you want to stick with the angular look, use this for some coffin black and white nail designs.

Gone wild

Animal prints are currently in! Play around with zebra, cow, or even dalmatian prints for your own animal inspired effect.

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