Red Alert: Red Nail Designs For Every Season

Red Alert: Red Nail Designs For Every Season

Though the latest nail color trends show the rise of new shades and contemporary designs, red nails will forever remain a classic. Aside from the French manicure, a coat of red polish is about as timeless as you can get—and who said red has to be boring? From cherry red to wine and even rose, there’s a perfect red hue for everyone. Browse through our list of the hottest red nail styles that work year-round!

Classic red

Searching for simple red nail designs? A classic bright and juicy red is essentially the prototype for red nails!

Multi-tone red

Pair different shades of red together, mix red alongside other colors, or even do some red ombre nail designs for a mixed and matched blend.

Berry red

For those that are into reds with pink or purple undertones, choose a berry hue that’ll pop whether you’re looking for stiletto, coffin long red nail designs, or anything in between.

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Matte red

Skip the shine and go matte! Matte red nail designs can help you achieve a unique and not-so-typical red.

Papaya red

Orangey-reds reminiscent of papaya fruits are a playful take on red tones that are particularly ideal for the spring and summer months.

Red details

Solid red nails can seem too intense for some, so if that sounds like you, opt for some red details instead which you can rock as both long red nail designs and short.

Merlot red

If you’re interested in dark red nail designs, wine inspired shades like merlot can give your nails a dark and sultry look.

Sparkle red

Easily upgrade a simple red manicure by going for a glittery red polish that’ll work equally as good for short red nail designs as it will for long.

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