French Manicure – Types

French Manicure – Types

Do you enjoy a fresh, French manicure? Want to learn more about French manicure types? Learn about the different variations, and find the best one for you!

What does a French manicure look like?

What does a French manicure look like?

Classic French manicure is a timeless and extraordinarily universal kind of nail decoration. That’s why it’s the first choice of many women both for various special occasions, such as weddings, receptions, and proms, as well as for every day.

The most obvious feature that all French manicure types have in common is the French tip, which one that fits on the nail and is used to create a French manicure look. It’s usually white, but it can be just about any shape. French tips are a good way to quickly create French manicure nails. They work with either acrylic or gel systems, which serve as tip guides.

But the Classic French manicure is hardly just a pink nail plate combined with a curved white tip. There are numerous beautiful different creative possibilities. Get to know them all!

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French manicure – types

Although there’s a host of different types of French manicures, some of the most popular types of are as follows:

  • Reverse French manicure – the nail plates are painted with a bright color and the tips with a dark one. Gray or beige plates can be fashionably combined with multicolor tips.
  • Chevron French manicure – it’s very similar to the classic type, yet the white tip has the shape of a triangle facing the cuticle. A black matte nail plate with a metallic triangular tip constitutes an interesting color combination.
  • Diagonal French manicure – another variation of the white tip, in this case it’s painted diagonally. Other color modifications fit well with this type of manicure.
  • Modified French manicure – name coined by Christian Dior in 2007. Modified French manicure is a bright line next to the cuticle and on the tip of the nail. The lines are often white and the nail plate is painted with a dark polish.

French manicure designs

Standard French

Timeless but always trending, the standard French manicure is an excellent choice if you want to stay on the side of simplicity with French manicure designs.

Decorated tips

Adding some French manicure nail designs to just the tips can easily take a simple French mani to the next level.

Mismatched French

Unique French manicure nail designs like using disparate colors together will give any French manicure an instant makeover.

Reverse French

Interested in new French manicure designs? Go for the reverse French manicure, which focuses on highlighting the bottom portion of the nail.

Graphic colors

Swapping out white tips for your choice of color (or color palette) will give your French manicure an entirely different look—this style is perfect for summer French manicure nail designs.

Shimmer and glitter

Have a special occasion coming up or simply want to up the ante on your French set? Add some glitz with sparkly French nails.

French manicure – where to get it?

You can easily do it yourself at home – nowadays drug stores offer a wide range of nail polishes that are perfect for French manicure. What’s more, many brands have also introduced DIY kits – sets of polishes and stickers helping to paint a straight white line on the tips of nails. But if you don’t have a steady hand and rarely do your nails yourself, it’s better to seek out a professional manicurist.

Remember that the beauty of French manicure stems from its perfect application. So, if you want your nails to be done professionally, book an appointment with a trusted beautician. A nail salon is a good choice too; a manicurist will help you choose between different French manicure types and French manicure styles to help you find what works best for you, while also creating a unique and lasting look.

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