The Best Easter Nail Designs

The Best Easter Nail Designs

On first thought, you might immediately associate the idea of Easter nails with bunny or egg motifs—but trust us, there’s so much more than the stereotypical Easter themes when it comes to getting that perfect Easter mani. From springtime color tones to floral inspired nail sets, we’re here to give you a selection of not-so-typical Easter nail ideas that you won’t want to miss out on trying.

Spring flowers

Want to stick to the Easter theme without getting too cheesy? Try some Easter nail art featuring floral designs.

Sparkly details

Instead of doing a bold and glitzy look, incorporate hints of sparkle throughout your manicure for your nails for Easter.

Pastel colors

Using muted shades like pastel blues, greens, pinks, and purples make the perfect Easter color nails.

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Color mix

If you want to take the pastel vibe up a notch, choose a few of your favorite colors for a diverse set of Easter spring nails.

Polka dots

Go for a fun and bubbly appearance by asking your nail tech for a polka dot look, which is always a great option for cute Easter nails.

Playful textures

Whether you’re planning on getting some Easter acrylic nails or stick with your natural ones, adding a variety of textured elements can instantly enhance them!

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