Acrylic Nail Styles That Are Top-Notch

Acrylic Nail Styles That Are Top-Notch

Between all the different varieties of fake nails that exist, acrylics prevail as the most popular type. Acrylic nails are created using a paste formed from the combined ingredients of a liquid monomer and powder polymer, in the end, forming a long and strong set of falsies. The design options of acrylics are endless, so if you need assistance with honing in on a specific style idea, we’re here to help! View our selections of the best 2023 acrylic nail styles to try out.

Groovy designs

Feel the full force of the 1970s revival by incorporating a mix of groovy patterns and designs into your next set.


Achieve a striking and standout appearance with some highly textured decorations if you want to go bold with acrylic nail designs.


Acrylic simple nail designs that go a long way are splashes of polish distributed across the nails to create a speckled effect.

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Animal prints

Get wild with your favorite animal prints, which will work perfectly for acrylic short nail designs or even longer claws!


Transparent nails are currently in, and they leave plenty of room for freedom when it comes to designs and embellishments you’d like to add.

Hearts all over

Heart nails aren’t just for Valentine’s Day—go for some cute acrylic nail styles that feature hearts for a charming aesthetic.

Wavy accents

If you want to try out some trendy acrylic nail designs, ask your nail tech for some mismatched squiggles or lines.

Flower power

Floral motifs are a classic you can’t go wrong with—enjoy this theme for both short acrylic nail styles and long!

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