Nails for Brides Ideas—Wedding Manicure 101

Nails for Brides Ideas—Wedding Manicure 101

From the moment you say “yes”, the brain starts moving at a thousand miles an hour, filling itself to the brim with all the aspects of planning a wedding. And although you can’t wait to say those next important words, “I do”, there’s a lot more to think about than what’s on the surface. Planning is a lot more than choosing the right venue and selecting your dream dress.

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly exciting, but it’s often too easy to focus on the bigger, more important aspects. This means you could forget about small details. To be honest, some aren’t at the forefront of the mind while caught in a whirlwind of wedding planning. Some details, like nails, fall to the wayside.

But a good manicure for your big day is obviously essential, so add that to your bridal checklist and get inspired by our selection of beautiful wedding nails for brides.

Keep it classic (with a twist)

French manicures are as classic as they come—this tried-and-true style is one you can’t go wrong with. However, if you happen to love the simplicity of a French manicure, but wish it had a little extra oomph to it, you’re in luck.

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These days, French manicures can go beyond what we know them to be. Usually the standard combination of a nude base and white tips is standard. To really make a splash, can opt for colored tips. Additionally, tips painted in a different shape than the norm (think geometric designs, angles, and thicker or thinner lines).

 Want to know more about how to master this classic with a twist for your wedding day? Check out our post, featuring one of Instagram’s best nail techs, and Booksy Ambassador, Spifster. She tells you how to keep on trend for your special day. 

French tip bridal manicure inspiration.

Flower power

When all your flower arrangements and bouquets are just not enough, you can always add some floral elements to your nails! Floral designs are particularly popular this year for brides. When paired against a nude base color, it’s the perfect way to not add too little—or too much—to your bridal manicure.

Are you in the market for a beautiful wedding day-appropriate design that isn’t too loud or overpowering? Choose a neutral nude base coat to start. Then, ask your nail tech to add a few floral embellishments across the entire nail or just a portion. 

All white everything

Fashion changes with the times. That’s probably why recently, ivory, cream, and champagne-colored wedding dresses have been slowly climbing up the ranks. However, white dresses prevail as the all-time favorite. If you’re sticking with the traditional white dress, what better way to keep theme than with a set of white nails to match?

White is a good option when it comes to nails for brides. This is for a couple reasons. First, they will seamlessly complement the overall wedding look. Plus, white nails make a great canvas for adding small details or designs that can really make your manicure pop.

So, if you’re thinking of keeping things traditional or classic, add a little twist! Fit them with any of the nail trends you see here. Remember, there aren’t any rules when it comes to your wedding day. It’s your time to shine, your way.

White nails bridal manicure inspiration.

Bring on the bling

Not all of us dream of a glitzy and uber-glamorous wedding. For those that do, though, you’ll definitely want to consider this look. Because just a little sparkle on the nails will bring out the stunning, loud personality of yours. Additionally, this style won’t take away from your wedding theme.So, if you’re trying to dodge a gaudy look, consider this one. You can tone it up or down.

Incorporating some rhinestones or sequins into your wedding manicure will be an interesting element. With them, they’ll add some dimension to your nails. Take the opportunity to subtly spice up even the simplest wedding dress. And if you’re one to match, ask your makeup artist to incorporate rhinestones on the face as well. 

A pop of color

When it comes to choosing a manicure design, don’t be afraid to add some color to offset a white theme. Adding a bit of color into your manicure doesn’t have to mean bold and vibrant colors (unless that’s what you want to go for, of course!)—you can simply play it up with some more subdued shades.

The sky’s the limit when we’re talking about nails for brides. Include some color into your wedding nails for an excellent opportunity to add a splash of blue, if you haven’t found your “something blue” yet.

Colorful bridal manicure inspiration.

Go for the gold

Let’s say you’re not particularly keen on amping up the bling factor with your bridal manicure. However, you do love a hint of glimmer. If that sounds familiar, then adding gold elements into your wedding nails can be just the perfect solution.

Similar to the other options we’ve given, there are many ways to embrace gold within your manicure, whether you choose to go with gold nail polish, gold glitter, or gold nail decal. The choice is ultimately yours, and we know you’ll great.

Ombre all over

Are you an ombre lover when it comes to your everyday manicure? If you are, the good news is that you can easily rock a gradient effect—even on your wedding day!

For trendy ombre nails that don’t stray too far away from a traditional wedding look, you can choose color schemes that involve pinks, nudes, creams, or even grays to perfectly tone down your favorite ombre effect for your big day.

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