These Tips Can Help Save Your Damaged Nails After Acrylics or Gels

These Tips Can Help Save Your Damaged Nails After Acrylics or Gels

Women love their acrylic and gel manicures, there’s no point denying that. After all, it’s an incredibly convenient way to keep well-groomed and pretty nails for weeks. However, you cannot wear either acrylics or gels indefinitely. Despite the convenience and easiness of these manis, after approximately six months of getting a regular manicure, it’s time to give your nails a detox. Your nails will simply get tired and will need to rest. When you wear acrylics or gels for a long time, your nail plate weakens and your nails can become very thin and brittle. God forbid some kind of mishap occurs and you end up with a damaged nail bed! Then the situation becomes even more serious. So what can you do to help your damaged nails? And what is the best nail treatment for damaged nails?

What can you do to help your damaged nails? 

In general, the condition of your nails after one or two acrylic or gel manicures shouldn’t be bad at all. The difference comes in when these manicures are done regularly and for a longer period of time. The longer we get these manicures without giving our nails a break, the thinner and more damaged nails will become. Strongly weakened and more sensitive, after removing the products, the nail plate becomes significantly more prone to breaking. Additionally, in some cases, nails may even change their shade after a few months. Fortunately, this happens quite rarely.

what can you do to help your damaged nails

Our nails actually have a sort of defense system for when we want to push them too much. Weak and tired nails are not even able to hold the acrylic or gel anymore. The products simply peel off and flake off super quickly. This is basically our damaged nails sending a desperate SOS to us. 

So what is the best nail treatment for damaged nails?

To be honest, there is no one special nail treatment for damaged nails. For your nails to go back to their former glory, there are various things you need to remember about. But basically it all comes down to proper nourishment. With time to properly regenerate, after a few months, we will be able to go get a new mani with a clear conscience. Just like we need rest, our nails also need to rest sometimes. After removing those acrylics or gels, the thing you’ll want to do is to get them as short as possible and begin the nourishment process.

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The first thing you need to do is invest in a good nail file, preferably a mineral or glass file. They’re the best option as they don’t tear the nails or cause micro-damage of the plates. Using scissors or a nail clipper can promote splitting and breaking nails which we definitely want to avoid, so start filing away! And remember, always file the nails in one way only!

The second way to help your nails is to…drink more water! When dealing with damaged nails you’ll want to work on them both externally and internally. Additionally, you should focus on your diet. The condition of your nails is tied strongly with the levels of vitamin D in your body, which is easily deficient. You can find it mainly in fish, eggs, milk, and vegetable oils. You can also reach for dietary supplements, especially focusing on those with biotin, as biotin is a key nutrient for healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

So what is the best nail treatment for damaged nails?

Finally, focus on your nail nourishment regime externally. There are various at-home methods you can try out, for example, using olive oil. It’s one of the most accessible and inexpensive options out there. All you’ll need to do is soak your nails in olive oil for ten to fifteen minutes daily. If an olive oil bath doesn’t convince you, you can also opt for rubbing small amounts of the oil directly onto your nails. Another thing you’ll want to consider is the hand lotion you use. You may want to choose one that especially targets dry hands, as it will also help moisturize your nails and sooth damaged cuticles. To top off all of these nail treatments, you’ll want to invest in a good nail strengthener. If you want to use regular nail polish, remember to paint the strengthener as a base. 

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