How to dry your nails fast

How to dry your nails fast

Having a colourful manicure can really boost your mood. However, some people dislike DIY manicures or pedicures because of the time the nail polish needs to dry. Not everyone has the patience to sit and wait for it to finally be ready!

Although it can take about 10 to 12 minutes for the nail polish to set on your nails fully, you can use some proven shortcuts to accelerate the process. Keep reading to find out some safe suggestions on how to dry nails fast at home!

Quick-drying techniques

1. Paint the nail polish in light and thin layers to allow each layer to dry

Wipe off some polish from the applicator brush, then apply two or three light and thin layers. Allow the nail polish to dry in intervals of one to three minutes for every coat. Nail polish usually takes more time to dry if it’s applied in several heavy layers.

Overall, you might take more time to apply the nail polish but the drying process will be significantly shorter. Paint every nail individually and then repeat the process in that same order. If you take your time to paint every nail, by the time you finish painting your last nail, the first nail should be ready for the second coat.

2. Blow your nails with a blow-dryer or nail dryer for about two to three minutes

Plug your hairdryer or a nail dryer in and choose the cold air mode. Blow the cool air on your fingertips for about two to three minutes. The cold air will dry your nails quickly – but be careful, if you opt to use the warm heat setting, the nail polish will begin to ripple or form bubbles.

3. Dip your fingertips in ice-cold water for about one or two minutes

First, allow your nail polish to dry for about a minute, and then fill a small bowl with cold water. Afterwards, add two to five ice cubes to the water. Hold your fingers in the cold water for around one or two minutes, and then take them out.

The idea behind this technique is that cold temperature tends to harden nail polish. Therefore, an ice bath is an effective method for getting your polish to stick.

When using this drying technique, you must be careful because it can ruin your polish if you immerse your fingertips in the water too soon. Also note that although this technique will help to quickly dry your nail polish, it will leave your hands feeling really cold!

4. Spray the wet nails with an air duster for around three to five seconds

An air duster shoots cool, compressed air very quickly. To dry your nails, hold the air duster can around 0.3m to 0.6m (1ft to 2ft) away from your hands to prevent them from becoming very cold. Then quickly spray the contents over your wet nails for around three to five seconds, and your nail polish will quickly dry.

This works effectively when drying nail polish because of the cold air. However, ensure that you point the air duster can towards your nails. Also, ensure that the nail polish has already begun drying before you start spraying them. This is because the air duster could ruin your polish by damaging the surface of the nail polish.

If you’re uncertain of where to purchase an air duster can, it is widely available at the majority of office supply stores.

5. Apply normal cooking spray or hairspray to your fingers

To employ this technique, you should hold the cooking spray or hairspray bottle around 0.15m to 0.3m (1/2ft to 1 ft) away from your nail polish and then spray a light but even layer on top of every nail.

Once you observe the oil beading at your nail’s top, wipe off the oil using a paper towel.

This may sound absurd, but the oils in the cooking spray and hairspray can help your nail polish to quickly dry. As mentioned, thin paint dries quickly, so this technique essentially thins the paint on your nail further. However, you should avoid using butter-flavoured cooking spray.

After applying the nail polish to the last fingertip, you should wait for one or two minutes before you start spraying them. Another advantage of this technique is that the oil helps with moisturizing your cuticles.

Quick-drying nail products

1. Utilize quick-drying polish products

In the present market, several brands exist that are advertised as rapid-drying. If you utilize these products, they could accelerate the drying process. For instance, when shopping for these products, look for brands marketed as “express dry” and “quick-dry”.

2. Paint a quick-drying, glossy top layer to assist your nails in drying faster

After the last coat is dry, apply a light, solid layer of topcoat from the tip of your nails to the cuticles. Buy a top coat that is advertised as “quick-dry”. These products will also protect your polish color from fragmenting.

3. Use setting spray or drying drops

After you’ve applied the topcoat, let it stay for around one to three minutes. Then you can either spray your setting product over the fingers or drip one drying drop on every nail. Give them another one to three minutes and then rinse your fingers in cold water.

Drying drops differ from rapid-drying topcoats in that they do not thicken the layer of your manicure. Instead, they only dry the top layer of your nail polish. Give the pedicure or manicure a few more minutes and they’ll be set to go.

These products can help to speed up the drying process of your nail polish. If you don’t know where to find them, a good portion of drug and cosmetic stores sell these nail-drying products, including drops and sprays.

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