Fall in Love with These Five Autumn Nail Trends

Fall in Love with These Five Autumn Nail Trends

What’s the best way to make sure you’re always on top of beauty trends? A fresh manicure, of course!

Like all things beauty, nails and nail designs have their own trends that come and go with the change in seasons. But before you buy everything pumpkin from Target, don’t forget to book your next appointment for new colors and autumn nail trends that will elevate your fall look. 

If you’re looking for all things inspiration when it comes to what’s hot for fall, but don’t have the time to search, we’ve got you covered. Here’s five quick tips to keep in mind the next time you’re visiting a nail tech or enjoying a personal spa day. 

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1. Acrylics

You might think acrylic nails are more of a summer theme. However, we’re seeing acrylics transition into chilly weather just in time for autumn.

Acrylics are another name for, well, fake nails. They can also be known as nail extensions, because they are added to the natural nail to make them longer. Generally, this can be done by combining a liquid acrylic mixture with a powder one that’s placed over your natural nail with a brush. 

Acrylic nails autumn trends

If you’ve never gotten acrylic nails before, don’t worry—they’re safe! Nail extensions might look a bit scary at first, but they’re a great way to change up your look for the fall (and get that style your natural nails couldn’t quite achieve). 

As you’ve probably guessed, acrylic nails can be difficult to apply on your own. So, we recommend booking an appointment with a nail technician to make sure they’re done correctly and are less likely to chip. 

2. Muted White

From Cardi B to Madison Beer, it seems as though the biggest stars right now are all rocking one look: a smooth, milky white nail. 

Simple and sophisticated, white nail polish stands out against the usual fall palette of neutrals. They’re the perfect way to complete a look without worrying about color clashing. If you’re looking for more low-key autumn nail trends, try a muted white nail. 

Muted White nails

The best part? You can give yourself a quick mani at-home with white nail polish. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of going a route closer to Megan Thee Stallion’s new signature look, try getting a gel nail style. 

Gel nails are similar to a regular manicure, but they’re applied with a special gel-based formula and locked in with a UV light—don’t worry if you don’t have a powerful light laying around, your favorite nail tech definitely does! 

3. Colorful French Tips

We all know the classic French tip very well. It’s the perfect way to add some flair to your look without overdoing it, right? Well, now French tips are getting the upgrade they deserve this season. 

Check out colorful French tips. Instead of leaving the tip white, consider mixing it up with jade, amethyst, or black. These jewel tones will keep you in touch with autumn nail trends, while making sure you stand out in all the right ways. 

Colorful French Tips

Pairing a classic like a French tip with an unexpected fall color will have everyone asking, “How did you get your nails like that?” Stay on top of trendsetting when you spice up your usual nail staple with this trend. 

4. Thin Lines

If you like your nails bold with designs, then you’ll love this trend we’re seeing. Thin lines are adding definition to beautiful nail styles this season, and we know they’ll be the thing to bring your fall nails to life.

Thin Lines

Whether plaid press-ons are your thing, or you prefer telling your nail tech to “Just wing it,” there’s plenty of ways to hop on this hot new trend. We’re seeing thin lines in multitudes of interesting, dynamic ways, and they’re a great statement for when you’re feeling the itch to try something new. 

Try going with a cool base color, like blue or purple. And opt for the line colors to be more neutral, like black, red, brown, or orange. If you’re someone who’s not afraid of a diverse palette, this is definitely your fall look. 

5. Color Blocking

If you’re like me, you may think color blocking is just for sweaters. But for this season, color blocking is an amazing way to elevate your nails. If you’re not quite ready for bold looks that might throw off your hair color, but you still want to make a statement, try an elegant color block style. 

In fashion, color blocking keeps a look stylish without overdoing it. With nails, it’s the same concept. It’s the fabulous middle ground between “too much” and “not enough.” 

Color Blocking

While this is probably a little too complicated to do at home by yourself, an experienced nail technician is the solution. You’ll have them done swiftly and expertly. Ask for no-chip so your design stays put longer, or choose shellac polishes so they don’t budge. 

Shellac nail polish is an original type of polish from Creative Nail Design. The formula has two goals: durability and shine. So with this specific type, you’ll get the best of both worlds. If you’re worried you’ll have a limited selection, don’t fret—shellac polish currently comes in over 100 colors. 

Which of these trends caught your eye? Which of them would you rather pass? Whichever trend you decide to try out, remember that you can book an appointment almost instantly with Booksy—leaving you more time to browse Target and those adorable new pumpkins. 

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