SNS Nail Designs: Find Your Perfect Dip Powder Mani

SNS Nail Designs

Mostly everyone is familiar with regular nail polish, and some may have even tried out the likes of acrylics or gel nails—but there’s another nail style that’s up and coming on the horizon that you’ll want to consider. Rather than painting the nails with a varnish, SNS nails use a technique that involves dipping your nails into a pigmented powder, creating a durable and long-lasting manicure. View our hotlist of SNS nail styles that are currently trending, below.

Blinged out

Whether you prefer using a shimmery dip powder or applying glimmering elements atop your chosen color, a sparkly manicure works for every season, from spring to winter SNS nail designs.

Dipped tips

Achieve an amazing French manicure by having your nail technician dip your tips into the powder shade of your choice—this look is great for both long and short SNS nail designs alike.


One of the most popular options for styling dip powder nails is opting for some ombre SNS nail designs that’ll give you the perfectly blended color gradient.

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Like other nail styles, with SNS nail designs, glossy is classic, but matte can give your nails the unique aesthetic you’ve been looking for.

Funky designs

Nail art can instantly take any set of nails from drab to fab—play around with your favorite designs or stick with a specific theme (for example, using darker tones or autumnal motifs for fall SNS nail designs).

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