How to Get Halloween Makeup Off

How to Get Halloween Makeup Off

It’s the day after Halloween and you’re waking up from your festive nighttime prowl with glitter and goop all over you. Depending on how elaborate your costume was, you may need to remove latex, glitter, theatre-grade makeup, and more. Hopping in the shower might lead to clogged drains. To protect your plumbing, we’ve collected the best methods for how to get Halloween makeup off

How to Get {most} Halloween Makeup Off

Waterproof Micellar Water

This is an excellent all-purpose, heavy-duty makeup remover. It’s gentle on the skin but is a heavy hitter in the makeup removal department. It’s a very popular product so you can find it in almost any grocery store or pharmacy that stocks personal care items.

Application: Apply Micellar Water to a clean washcloth or beauty cotton pad. Work in light circles over the entire face. Double cleanse.

We’ve found an excellent shortlist of makeup removers that consider skin type and more.

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How to Get Face Paint Off

Face paint is thick and deeply pigmented. You might think you need industrial-strength ingredients to get them off your face. But, good news! Most face paint comes off with mild soap and water.

Application: Use running water to wet your clean washcloth. Add micellar water or gentle face wash to the washcloth. Working in gentle swipes, start slowly rubbing the face paint with the cloth. 

When needed, rinse the cloth under the faucet and re-apply the micellar water or soap as you go along. Although face paint will come off with this method, you may need to double cleanse.

How to Get Face Paint Off

How to Get Glitter Off

Oil is the secret ingredient here. Oil and lots of cotton pads. You can use an expensive, oil-based makeup removal balm, but you don’t have to. 

Grab coconut oil or olive oil from the grocery store or your pantry. Scoop out or pour a small amount (2 tablespoons is probably more than enough) into a small bowl. Using your fingers, apply the oil all over your face… All over your face, even if there isn’t any glitter on that part.

Wait for 2-3 minutes to allow that oil to soak in. Then with your cotton pads, gently swipe the glitter-infused oil off. Don’t be shy to grab a fresh pad so you don’t reapply the glitter you just removed.


After the Halloween revelry, you might find your skin is a little extra sensitive. Give your skin a rest and reset through specialized skincare treatment. Depending on your particular situation and skin condition, your esthetician will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment and at-home regimen. This is a great way to bounce back and get your natural glow back.

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