4 Ways to Look Fierce in Festival Makeup

4 Ways to Look Fierce in Festival Makeup

What’s one word that’s become synonymous with the summer season? Festivals. In Chicago, there’s Lollapalooza. California has Coachella, Nashville has Bonnaroo. And of course, outside of the United States, festivals are just as common. In the summer, cities and counties alike host their own celebration within the community. Whether the occasion is music or culture, festivals are a great time to bond with friends and make new ones among common ground.

One of the trickier parts about festivals actually concerns what happens before: Getting ready. If you wear makeup, you know it’s a pain trying to complete a look for large outings, especially in the heat. In most cases, you have to think about keeping your look fun, fresh, and most of all—heat proof.  And now, a lot of people have to work around making makeup pop underneath a mask. 

The question is, how do you do that? We’ve got you covered—with advice from a celebrity makeup artist. 

Jacen Bowman, along with being a makeup artist, is a creative director and hairstylist, former ballroom scene leader, contestant on season 2 of HBO Max’s Legendary reality show series, and Vice President of Philly Black Gay Pride. 

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Jacen Bowman

On top of that, Jacen met with Booksy to talk about festival makeup tips that are going to make you look Instagram-worthy. Of course, if you’re looking for a professional’s opinion or skill, feel free to book time with a makeup artist on Booksy. Like Jacen, on Booksy, you’ll find top-rated, skilled MUAs in your area. When you’re ready, head over to Booksy to get started.

So, are you’re ready to learn how to keep on-trend with your festival makeup? Let’s talk about what we’ve been seeing on the Instagram Discover page. 

Making your eyes the main focus. 

Need another way to stay on trend? Can only wear your mask? Make your eyes the star of the show. After all, if you’re going to a festival or concert, they’re going to be what people can see.

“The best thing you can do is focus on your eyes,” Jacen comments. “That’s all anyone can see.” 

When your usual canvas is cut in half, he mentions, you have the liberty to get more creative with your eye makeup. Think of the mask as an asset instead of an annoyance. You don’t have to coordinate a full face of wear, giving you more freedom. 

And if you’re going to Instagram for inspiration, you might be seeing lots of this. Exaggerated eye looks with minimal products on the rest of the face.

In the same vein of being creative, a popular method is adding swirls, lines, pinks, and blues to your eyes with eyeliner or precise brushes. Turn up the camp and don’t be afraid to use bold colors. After all—you’re going to a festival. This is the time to add the drama to your eyes. 

Next, we’re going to talk about a way you can add another layer to your eye look. (And the rest of your makeup, too)!

Woman wearing a dramatic eyeshadow look for a festival.

Adding rhinestones to make the look pop. 

Let’s say you want to take your dramatic makeup look to the next level. To amp it up, use fake jewels or rhinestones. These press-on accessories are a great asset to your makeup. Rhinestones also give more depth to your look. Instead of wearing just makeup, you’ll have a different texture or accessory.

For application, simply remove the rhinestone from the packaging and use a tweezer to apply it. If you have a steady finger, feel free to use a clean fingertip. Once applied, use a clean finger to adjust and press the adhesive lightly to the skin.

If you want to make sure your jewels are going to stay on, try adding the tiniest amount of petroleum jelly to the spot you’re thinking about. And to remove, just use some makeup remover—the gems should come right off. Be mindful of using rhinestones that aren’t professional grade, so they’ll be easy to remove.

Some places you can put the rhinestones include lining your lower lash line. Additionally, you can arrange them in an outward direction from the edge of your eye. Or, follow the beat of your own drum! The best thing about makeup is that there are no rules. 

Testing makeup to avoid oxidation.

“Always test makeup on the back of your head before you apply it,” Jacen says.

This is because makeup shifts due to temperature, and in the heat of a summer festival, this is common. Another name for this shift is called oxidation.

If you test the makeup on your hand, he says, you’re warming up the formula. Therefore, you’ll be able to see how the shade will look when it’s oxidized.

Jacen says this extra step is important, especially if you won’t be able to check up on your makeup throughout the day. After all, no one wants to get home and discovered their entire face looks different! Testing your makeup will allow you to plan accordingly. For example, you might change your mind about the products you pick once you warm them up.

Woman testing her face makeup before application.

Experimenting with things that sparkle.

You can also add shimmers for an easy way to create a stunning look. Plus, you can use body shimmer to keep a cohesive theme. For example, if you’re wearing cheek glitter, pair with eye shimmer and a product like Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava

Earlier, we talked about experimentation being an advantage to wearing a mask. This is the time to get bold, and one of the biggest bold trends we’ve seen is shimmer. Here’s an extra tip to add glamour to your shimmers. Implement thick lashes and sharp, clean eyebrows to your makeup. Additionally, wing out your shimmers so your festival makeup stands out even more. 

And as for a handy tip to help your makeup stay on: Use a sunscreen mist on your face throughout the festival. You’ll be sure you’re reapplying sunscreen, and the refreshing mist helps cool you down. 

What festivals are you thinking of attending this year? And, how are you going to make your festival makeup fierce? If you’re ready to book your full face with a professional makeup artist, though, feel free to book using Booksy. You’ll find tons of top-rated service providers near you. Have a happy summer, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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