BB, CC, DD, & EE Creams, The Difference Decoded

BB, CC, DD, & EE Creams, The Difference Decoded

BB, CC, DD, EE—it feels a little as if we’re spelling the alphabet rather than describing makeup formulas. But relax, you can take a breather because this isn’t a spelling lesson. Instead, we’ll be decoding the differences between BB, CC, DD, and EE cream products, what skin types they’re for, and what effects to expect.

What BB, CC, DD, & EE Creams have in common

While they all serve different purposes, each option is light coverage. In this way, there is a veil of coverage with other benefits like hydration, vitamins, and brightness. Essentially, these are all tinted moisturizers, living somewhere between moisturizer and foundation. Whichever you end up choosing, these creams are a perfect step one for an everyday makeup look.

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BB cream

What does BB stand for anyway? The abbreviation refers to “beauty balm”. BB creams have the ultimate combination formula that makes it an all-in-one moisturizer, primer, foundation, and SPF protectant. They’re known to be extra hydrating and nourishing, giving off a luminescent effect.

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Who’s it for? BB cream works best for those who have normal to dry skin. It’s mainly targeted towards youthful skin however, due to it’s hydrating nature and ingredients, it’s even popular with more mature skin types. If you like sheer coverage and keep your skin looking bright, this one’s for you!

BB cream

CC cream

Moving down the alphabet, we have CC cream, which stands for “color correcting”. For something between a classic face foundation and a regenerating cream, you’ll want to reach for CC cream. CC cream does a good job at targeting uneven skin tone, dark spots, and other imperfections, perfecting the appearance of your skin.

Who’s it for? So what’s the difference between BB and CC creams? Unlike BB creams, CC creams are typically oil-free, so they work best for oily or acne-prone skin types. For a product that’ll correct the skin the way a foundation would, with a lighter and dewier finish, a CC cream will be your go-to choice.

DD cream

The successor to the BB and CC creams, the DD cream comes packed with a fusion of BB and CC cream benefits. Think of DD cream as your personal guardian, DD is your “daily defense” and “dynamic do-all”. It’s both moisturizing and brightening—but with the added benefit of anti-aging ingredients.

Who’s it for? DD cream is best suited for mature skin types, but it’s slowly becoming more popular with the under-thirty crowd as a method of wrinkle prevention. They also typically have a higher SPF than BB and CC creams, so they’re a good choice for staying shielded from the sun.

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DD cream

EE cream

Can you take a guess at what this one stands for? EE means “extra exfoliation” and is designed to get rid of dead skin cells—all while moisturizing your skin. EE cream is more of a skincare cosmetic than a make-up base. It’s got the nutrients of all the alphabet creams, with the added bonus of exfoliation.

Who’s it for? Got oily skin that’s prone to shine? EE cream will likely work wonders for you. This cream type is particularly recommended for combination or oily skin types—both young and mature. EE creams typically contain ingredients of plant origin and a high SPF filter and help with hiding minor imperfections.

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Classic face foundation

All that said, what about foundation? Foundations come in liquid, powder, and cream formulas. Classic foundation is a cosmetic for all who want to achieve a stronger or more intense effect.

Who’s it for? Foundations usually contain twice as much pigment as any of the alphabet creams, which results in more coverage. But because there are so many different types available on the market, you can choose between coverage levels and finishes.

Classic face foundation

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