Bridal Makeup: Wedding Makeup Ideas To Ask Your Artist For

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It’s a given that you’ll want to look your very best for your wedding day. Apart from scoring the ideal dress and the perfect hairstyle, you’re also probably thinking about your dream wedding makeup look.

Although there is no right or wrong when it comes to bridal makeup, the key is choosing a look that’ll make you feel beautiful inside and out. After all, this is your big day. But because makeup looks are essentially endless, choosing a place to start can seem tricky. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best wedding makeup ideas to help inspire you and get you ready for that walk down the aisle. Let’s get started, there’s no time to waste!

Dewy & shimmery

Bring on the glow! There’s nothing quite like a dewy look. If you have oily skin, dew might not be your thing. But nothing brings on the radiance like a full-on dewy and shimmery glam look. With a combination of glossy lips, glistening lids, and a shimmery highlight, you can easily achieve a luminescent “just-married” glow.

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Plus, with the amount of makeup hacks out there, there’s tons of ways to be assured that the dew won’t mess up your wedding makeup long-term.

Example of a dewy & shimmery eyeshadow look.


Not everyone loves to pack on the makeup, and if that’s you, don’t feel pressured to because it’s your wedding. Remember, it’s all about your comfort level. That being said, when it comes time to think about your makeup, if you like to keep it natural, here’s a few ideas:

You can always opt for a barely-there look by using a sheer coverage foundation. This foundation type will blend into your skin. For example, Glossier is known for it’s “no-makeup“-makeup products. In addition, a nude-colored eyeshadow, and a few swipes of mascara will also give you a fresh, natural, and simple wedding makeup look. 

Simple, fresh wedding makeup

The classic smokey eye

Ah, we knew this one was coming, right? Nowadays, the smokey eye is known for its dramatics and versatility. There’s no better way to attain an ultra-sultry look than going with a smokey eye.

But don’t think you need a wedding theme that’s vampy to pull off an incredible smokey eye. The intricacies of colors can be made with more than just black. For example, some smokey eyes are red, gold, or jewel-toned! However, when going for a classic smokey eye, your artist to achieve this for you using shades of black, gray, and charcoal on your eyes. This’ll be tied together with a nude lip.

Beautiful bride with smokey eye makeup.

Bold pout

Let’s focus on the lips. When it comes to lip color for your big day, a little bit goes a long way. This is especially true if you’re opting for a heavy eye look, like the smokey eye. In this scenario, focusing on the lips and keeping everything else minimal is one option. Alternatively, ask your MUA for their opinion about how to incorporate colors into your entire look so it all comes together.

To achieve the perfect classic dramatic pout, choose a vibrant color such as red, coral, fuchsia, or even a deep magenta. Your wedding makeup will be flawless.

A bride posing with a red deep pout.

A touch of color

Sticking with one color scheme can give you a nice monochromatic look. If you’re thinking about color options, we advise a soft, muted color like pink or champagne. This color compliments wedding participants everywhere.

For example, with pink shades, it’s all the more romantic and soft. Try out a combo of rosy lips and lids, and don’t forget to ask your wedding makeup artist to add some blush!

A beautiful bride with pink and coral wedding makeup.

Define the brows

Let’s focus on another portion of your face—the all too important eyebrows. Brows have skyrocketed in popularity and importance over the years, and that includes for your wedding day. Bold brows can do wonders for the face, framing them in a lovely way.

If you choose to make your brows the star of the wedding makeup look, defined brows pair well with subtle nude shades allover. However, they also look great paired with a subdued pink lip color. Ultimately, the brows can be manipulated to do what you want (and don’t worry about making them completely equal. Your brows should be family, not twins)!

A bride with eyebrow-forward wedding makeup.

Luscious lashes

Now, it’s time to talk a little about lashes. If this is uncharted territory for you, don’t worry. Your makeup artist will know exactly what to do. If you’d like, tell the MUA how full and how long you want your lashes—they can take it from there.

Lash pros, this section is for you. If you love full and fluttery lashes, all it takes is a great pair of falsies that’ll help you look and feel wedding-day ready. Pair a set of luxe lashes with a soft lip color, like a rose or mauve shade to give you a stunning effect.

Beautiful bride with false lashes for wedding makeup.

Wing it

Winged eyeliner makes a great wedding look, especially for an evening ceremony. We know winged liner is a classic, tried and true technique. It’s classy, precise, but doesn’t have to be too dramatic to be effective. To go with the overall theme of elegance a great tip is to add some highlighter to your cheekbones. Along with a subtle matte lip, these elements are a perfect complement your wedding makeup.

Bride with winged liner for wedding makeup.

Color coordination

Play with colors, not only for your wedding, but with your makeup! If you’re a person who loves to match colors, your theme doesn’t have to start or stop with bridal makeup. In fact, make it part of the whole event!

Whether you’ve chosen a nontraditional wedding outfit color or just want to play up the shades for your bridal party, it’s never a bad idea to go for makeup colors that are already incorporated within your wedding theme. Plus, this makes planning a breeze.

A bride playing with color coordination for her makeup.

Wedding hair and makeup near me

If you finally have your heart set on a bridal makeup look, you’ll just need to find an experienced wedding makeup artist to work their magic. Using Booksy, you’ll be able to browse professional makeup artists in your area and book the one of your choice via the Booksy app or Booksy on the web.

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