July 4th Beauty Inspo. Glam It Up for Independence Day With These Makeup Looks

July 4th Beauty Inspo. Glam It Up for Independence Day With These Makeup Looks

The 4th of July is a classic, all-American celebration that falls perfectly in line with the height of the summer season. It’s the ideal opportunity to not only observe and honor America’s freedom, but also to fire up the grill, watch an extravagant firework display, and of course, don your very best red, white, and blue look. Need ideas for polishing up your star-spangled vibe? Get inspired with these fourth of July makeup recommendations!

Star elements

Cute 4th of July makeup that stays right on theme is having your MUA add star-shaped elements across your face.

Bold red lip

An eye-catching red lipstick is a great choice for many different occasions, but especially if you want to pull off easy 4th of July makeup.

Red, white, & blue liner

Make the most out of your patriotic 4th of July makeup look with red, white, and blue eyeliner colors.

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Vivid blue eyeshadow

For simple 4th of July makeup ideas, add a swipe of your favorite vibrant blue shade to your eyelids.

Fireworks inspired

Fireworks are an Independence Day staple, so incorporate flecks of shimmer and sparkle to your 4th of July eyeshadow for a celebratory look.

Bronze glow

Get that sunny, mid-summer glow by doubling down on the bronzer if you’re looking for minimal and natural 4th of July makeup.

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