How-to: Beat Makeup in the Heat

How-to: Beat Makeup in the Heat

When I’m outside in the warm sun, especially at an event, one thing I’m always thinking about is my makeup. “Is it sliding, am I sweating, is it even still on?”, are just a few of the worries running through my head at any given moment. That’s the thing about wearing makeup in the sun, right? You look great, but things you can’t help are working against you. How are you supposed to beat makeup in the heat?

Thankfully, though, every year, more tips and tricks come through about how this very worry. In this post, we have a few tried and true methods to share. If you need a summer refresher, or a pick me up on what’s current, keep reading. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered. 

Of course, sometimes there’s nothing better than seeing a pro. Remember that you can search and book top-rated makeup artists using Booksy. Search in your area, book instantly, and you’re ready to go! Otherwise, are you ready to get more tips about handling a full face in the sun?

1. Always reapply your sunscreen.

We’ve talked about sunscreen in previous posts, but here we want to emphasize its importance. Wearing sunscreen is going to protect your skin against several skin concerns, including melanoma. In addition, sunscreen gives your skin an extra layer of protection when wearing makeup. 

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On top of being important, reapplying sunscreen is refreshing. If it’s hot outside, you’re constantly looking for ways to cool down. This one is a must. If you love spraying mists, sunscreen often comes in convenient spray bottles, as well. 

To beat makeup in the heat (and protect your skin!), use a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30. Anything less isn’t enough SPF to accurately protect your skin. Most moisturizers with added SPF don’t have a high enough amount, so be sure to double check!

It’s recommended that you reapply sunscreen every two to four hours. Reapplication is the only way to make sure you’re properly protecting your skin. It’s an easy step to fit in when you check your makeup throughout the day—just make sure to keep facial sunscreen with you. 

A woman reapplying sunscreen in the heat

2. Incorporate more matte products in your routine.

If you’re a makeup lover, you probably have your holy grail of face products, either matte or dewey. The former gives off a subtle look while the latter uses moisture-based products to produce a healthy glow. 

To beat makeup in the heat, incorporate mattifying formulas into your routine, especially if that’s not usually your comfort zone. You might not want to use matte products if you have a dry skin type, but try a liquid foundation with a matte finish. The formula won’t dry out your skin, but the end result won’t oxidize and shift in hot weather.

If you’re not ready to give up the dewy life yet, liquid, gel, and cream products are going to be your best friends. They’re formulated to keep your skin looking soft, but dewey. Gel-based formulas are going to be great in this climate, too. Gel-based primer or cream is hydrating. 

In addition to improving staying power, mattifying makeup overall lessens your chances of oxidation. If your makeup always slides or changes color as you wear it, that means it’s oxidizing. A matte finishing powder will help with that.

A woman wearing matte makeup in the summer heat.

3. Explore using a water-based toner.

Before we get into toner, let’s start out with a fact. Toner doesn’t need to be used by everyone. It’s an extremely powerful formula that’s used to restore the pH balance of your skin. That formula is also extremely dry and not recommended for sensitive skin. 

You would use toner if you have a lengthy skincare routine and want to reset your skin’s pH levels between applying products. It’s also good for stripping bacteria and dirt. And, because toner’s formula is very dry, it’ll keep your skin that way underneath makeup. 

Of course, toner can’t block against sweat or the sun’s rays, but it can make your skin dry for the amount of time you wear it. The trick is to accurately moisturize after application so your makeup and skin don’t suffer. 

Check your skin type before you use toner. It also couldn’t hurt to seek an esthetician’s opinion. If you’re on the search for a talented one, start your search using Booksy. You’re more than like going to find talented estheticians, like Nicole Richardson, in your area.

A woman using toner in the heat.

4. Make sure you have the right primer.

In the summer, before you apply makeup, apply a primer. Primers prep your skin for makeup and improve its staying power. They come in a variety of forms: gel, water-based, cream, spray. There’s even primers formulated specifically for eyeshadow. (And if your eyeshadow creases in seconds, like mine, eye primer is going to be your new best friend). 

Primers are ideal to beat makeup in the heat. They’re formulated to make face makeup, like foundation and concealer, stay on for long periods of time. To use it, simply apply a light layer on your T-Zone and sparingly on problem areas. Be sure not to use too much primer, though—you don’t want your skin to become dry and tacky. 

If you have particularly oily skin, think about leaning towards a water-based or gel primer. While this may sound a little counterintuitive, let’s talk about why. Moisturizing formulas are going to hydrate your skin. When your skin is hydrated, it produces less oil. 

(And yes, powder primers exist!)

A man applying powder primer.

5. Blotting papers are your new best friend.

Blotting papers are amazing. They are small, disposable sheets that pick up excess oil and sweat. All you have to do is lightly press one to your face, and the papers work like a magnet. They’re small enough to keep with you and handy to use in a pinch. 

They also remove excess makeup and slow the process of oxidation. Remember, oxidation happens when moisturize and temperature change the color and wear of foundation. If you have something to blot with, that process gets slowed down. 

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly alternative, try Glossier’s Wowder. It’s very similar to finishing powder or setting spray in that it sets your finished look. However, the added benefit is that it slows down oxidation. Like primer, it’s up to preference—but it helps you beat makeup in the heat.

A woman getting blotting papers to hang out in summer heat.

When you’re ready to rock your festival makeup this summer, don’t forget to do it with a little extra protection. Of course, if you’re wanting to go all-out and see a professional for your next look, don’t hesitate to find a makeup pro and book using Booksy.

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