Makeup Trends From Every Decade That Are In Right Now

Makeup Trends From Every Decade That Are In Right Now

The evolution of fashion trends is undoubtedly an interesting phenomenon to observe, but trends in clothing aren’t the only noteworthy elements that have transformed over time. For each era, there’s an equally complementary makeup aesthetic—and as we know, what goes around, comes around. We’re giving you the top makeup trends from the last 100 years that have recently looped back into the limelight.

1920’s Makeup Trends: Bold & Vampy

The jazz age makes its mark with deep red lipstick and kohl eyeshadow—grab your favorite red lippie and pencil liner to achieve a 1920’s chic vibe.

1930’s Makeup Trends: Wet-Look Eyelids

There’s (thankfully) no sign of pencil-thin 30’s style brows coming back, but we’re seeing the resurrection of this decade’s glossy and dewy lids.

1940’s Makeup Trends: Mile-Long Lashes

No 40’s-inspired look is complete without long, luscious eyelashes so keep your go-to mascara and lash curler handy—or book an eyelash lift and tint treatment.

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1950’s Makeup Trends: Cat-like

The cat eye winged liner trend from the 50’s is just as fashionable today as it was back then and is a staple eye makeup look for day or night.

1960’s Makeup Trends: Lively Eyes

If there’s any cosmetic that defined the 60’s, its eyeliner—and at this point, it’s branched out beyond the cat eye into more dynamic patterns paired with blue, gray, and white tones.

1970’s Makeup Trends: Bare-Faced

Going fresh-faced and choosing softer looks overall was the theme of mainstream 70s makeup. Feeling inspired? It’s the perfect excuse to ditch your makeup or go for a no makeup-makeup look.

1980’s Makeup Trends: Electric Eyeshadows

Bold, electric, and bright? Sounds about right to us. Recreate your own neon lid look—bonus points if you go for classic 80s colors like pink, purple, or blue.

1990’s Makeup Trends: Super Smudged

Don’t worry about being a perfectionist here—it’s all about imperfect application when it comes to achieving a 90s sultry, grunge look on the eyes or lips.

2000’s Makeup Trends: Glitter Bomb

Does body glitter ring a bell? It’s a staple of the early aughts and you’ll want to have it back in your present-day makeup collection to use on your face or body.

2010’s Makeup Trends: Matte Finish

The 2010s did away with the 2000s glossy lip craze, swapping it out with matte lipsticks (and mattifying face makeup). Specific 2010s colors that are still in style? Neutrals and brown hues.

2020’s Makeup Trends: Fluffy Brows

As for 2020s trends, fluffy and brushed-out eyebrows are this decade’s winner (so far). Take your brows to the next level with a brow lamination or microblading treatment.

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