How Booksy Helped A Nail Tech Get Her Time Back

How Booksy Helped A Nail Tech Get Her Time Back

“My clients love it, and they said it’s so easy to book time with me.”

When Valentino and Booksy Ambassador, Alexandra Rivera, began doing nails almost a decade ago, she knew it was the career she was born to be in. Not only does she get to create lasting bonds with clients, but she also gets to express her creativity, which shines through every set she does.

Nails by Nanette,” as she’s known to 30,000 followers on Instagram, has reached heights she’s never imagined. But it’s clear that her talent and drive definitely had a hand in that success. So it’s no surprise that Alexandra became her own boss almost as soon as she could. 

A Nail Tech’s Secret to Success

“I worked for other salons for a while, but eventually, I had enough clients and courage to open my own salon suite,” she says. 

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However, with opening up her own suite, she knew she needed help. After all, Nanette was going into business by herself. She had to be her own marketing team, front desk, and businessperson, on top of keeping clients happy and doing what she loves. 

Sometimes, being a service professional involves way more than others think. Sometimes, it involves a hustle behind the scenes. And Nanette knew that being a full-time solo nail tech was going to take hard work. She needed a hand ready for the task.

“I first downloaded a booking app because I needed an admin assistant,” she says.

Nanette found that a booking app was going to be her best bet. An easy-to-use platform that could be readily introduced to clients and take appointments, just like a front desk person. 

The technology of these apps usually comes with booking software to keep calendars in order. For a nail tech like Nanette, this was a necessity. But sometimes, with technology comes roadblocks.

Working Overtime

“My previous app was a nightmare,” Nanette remembers. She notes how it would crash consistently, and getting it back up and running was more costly than paying to use the app.

And, for someone who wants to build a business, a virtual assistant that has low productivity and poor user experience holds them back. This, Nanette says, was what was beginning to happen to her and clients.

“It broke my heart to know that clients were having a hard time booking with me.”

Nanette recalls that her last app added time to her workday, from fixing appointments to problem-solving for clients. She saw her app only slowed her down and upset her client base, and that wasn’t going to work.

After looking around and reading reviews, one name kept popping up: Booksy. 

She didn’t want to switch and upset her clientele, but her current app was making her lose that list. So she took a leap of faith and onboarded with Booksy.

Better Booking All Around

When Nanette learned that her entire client list could be imported into her new Booksy account almost immediately, she knew she was onto something. This app had everything she needed and more. Cashless payments, appointment reminders and deposits, and 24/7 booking. 

But it was up to her clients to make the final call. Was Booksy different, or just more of the same?

The easy-to-use platform won over her clients pretty quickly. Not only can they book whenever they want, but added perks include appointment reminders, calendar syncing, and emails from Nanette if she has announcements to make. 

Nails by Nanette showing client how to switch to better booking

Being able to book with Booksy was a game changer, Nanette’s clients told her. Instead of calling or texting throughout the workday to get an appointment, all they had to do was open an app. 

“Clients literally book while I’m sleeping, and all I have to do when I wake up the next morning is confirm them. I love it,” she says. 

From a business perspective, Nanette finally had what she needed. “It’s my personal assistant, that’s what I tell people all the time. I can set my schedule weeks in advance, block off time, and it takes care of all of the admin work for me.” 

Tools like point-of-sale, inventory management, payroll, and marketing capabilities. Instead of having to take that all on herself, she was able to leave it to Booksy. And one of the best parts about that is that she still does. 

Passionate about her client experience, their satisfaction means the most to Nanette. For her and her clientele, switching to Booksy was a game changer.

Could it be the same for you?

If you’re ready to make the switch, head on over to Booksy to get started. Our rockstar customer service team will be there to get you onboarded and on the way to better booking.

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