A New Kind of Convenience: Mobile Services

A New Kind of Convenience: Mobile Services

Now that hairstylists and barbers are back in business, it’s time to take advantage of the services that you’ve been missing. To make sure that you’re still able to look and feel your absolute best, we developed a brand new feature called Mobile Services.

This tool is already available within the Booksy app to make sure that you can continue to book appointments at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But we added a twist. Now, salon professionals, barbers, and wellness experts can come directly to your home or office.

Make an appointment for a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your living room. Book a haircut with your local barber and have it take place on your patio. Or schedule a creative hair styling session on your sundeck. The options are limitless, and the choices are all yours.

Continue reading to learn a few more reasons why letting our beauty and wellness experts come to you could be one of best decisions you’ll make this summer. Keep in mind that if you’re someone who wants to remain at home as much as possible, due the recommendations from health officials to stay indoors, it’s easy to use Booksy to schedule a Mobile Service today.

Ready for your next beauty or wellness service? From massages to facials, we’ve got you covered. Book your next appointment in just a few taps

Get started using booking Mobile Services in just a few easy steps. This feature is only available in your Booksy app. But all you have to do is click “Explore” in the main menu section. Then select “Filters” followed by “Mobile Services” and hit “Apply” to generate a list of professionals offering Mobile Services in your area.

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Stay Safe at Home

Although many health professionals are still recommending that people remain at home to minimize the spread of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get a relaxing session with a local masseuse or a creative nail technician to make sure you feel like yourself.

Use Mobile Services to invite Booksy professionals into your home or office. And take advantage of the control that you have over your own environment. Follow all of the recommended safety and health procedures yourself to make sure your space is properly cleaned and disinfected.

Then take some time to truly enjoy the treatment or service of your choice. Get your new summer look or enjoy a long-awaited mani-pedi without leaving home. So, schedule yourself a much needed and well-deserved pampering session today. Then stay safe while enjoying it.

Mobile services by Booksy

Choose from a Variety Services 

Many of the industry experts who use Booksy are offering Mobile Services. That means massage therapists, nail techs, special event stylists, make-up artists, hair technicians, and personal trainers can meet your grooming or wellness needs at your home or office.

Regardless of the service you need it’s probably ready and waiting. Simply use our easy to navigate app and schedule a Mobile Service.

Mobile Services gives you complete freedom to choose between the services you love without stepping outside of your comfort zone by leaving you home. You decide where and when to receive a fully customized but wonderfully simple service.

Take Advantage of the Convenience

When we created Booksy, it was to make sure that you could schedule an appointment anywhere, anytime—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal was to make sure that your life would be simpler and easier. And that’s exactly why we created the Mobile Services feature.

Using our app to book an appointment for an in-home massage or an at-home waxing session is much more convenient than calling all over town or performing a dozen different Google searches. Remember that everything you need for the perfect Mobile Service is conveniently located in the Booksy app.

And to help avoid any scheduling issues, professionals must personally confirm each appointment in the app. This is to make sure they always have enough time to commit to every session, which will help make sure your appointment isn’t rushed or hurried just because someone must travel between opposite ends of a city.

Help Local Businesses Thrive

In a very short time span of about three months, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in some very drastic ways. The beauty and wellness industry in particular went through a host of different changes. Most industry professionals were forced to close their doors.

According to our data, the number of completed services fell by 80% and cancellation rates nearly doubled. Use Mobile Services to help make sure the local grooming and wellness professionals who you’ve worked with for years are able to stay afloat.

With our easy to use feature, you can help your favorite industry experts remain in business, while you get the hair styling, grooming, skincare, or nail treatments that you’ve been waiting for.

Be Prepared for Special Events

Are you planning a big event in the near future where you may need an on-site barber or stylist? Maybe it’s a wedding, a photo shoot, or a professional gathering.

Use our app to schedule a Mobile Service for that big day. The Mobile Services featured is designed to help people stay safe during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. But this tool is also very useful if you need a professional hair stylist or grooming expert on-location the day of a special event.

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