Support Your Pro with #TipNowBookNow

Support Your Pro with #TipNowBookNow

The world is a hectic place right now. Any sense of routine went out the window when we were told to stay home and shelter in place for the safety of ourselves and our neighbors. We miss our friends, social gatherings, restaurants, a fresh haircut and dare we say…our commute? Through all the madness and separation, there has been an overwhelming display of togetherness and community. These are themes we know well at Booksy, and we’re doing what we can to bring them to light. In an industry where physical touch is 100% necessary, the beauty industry has been one of the hardest hit by the lockdown orders. That’s why with our #TipNowBookNow feature, you can support your professional by offering up a donation via their Booksy profile.

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Though it seems far away, all of our calendars will soon be filled with more than which movies we plan on watching. We can look forward to our root touch-up, our acrylic fill-in, or our line-up, almost as much as our favorite professionals will. When you tip or donate to your pro, you can also make a booking in advance for when doors open back up again. You can #TipNowBookNow on either your Booksy app or desktop.

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When you select this option, you’ll see three suggested amounts at $10, $20, or $40. The amount you choose will be charged to your card today and sent directly to your pro. Booksy does not take any cut from your donation.

At a time when we’re all struggling in our own way, the only thing we can do is spread love. Your pro has always been there for you. Now, let’s be there for them.

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