Family & Friends: Schedule Appointments for Loved Ones

Making appointments for your loved ones is now even easier through Booksy. With our new Family & Friends feature, you can book a session with your favorite Booksy provider for yourself and for the people you care about the most, or let them book appointments for you.

Our Family & Friends tool is designed to let you schedule a visit to your favorite barbershop for a buddy who’s already tagging along. Use it to set up a group visit to the nail salon. And if you’re a parent with kids too young to use the Booksy software—start setting up their appointments yourself. You can even manage payments for their appointments using your Booksy account.

Keep in mind that Family & Friends is also a great tool to use when it comes to scheduling grooming sessions for your dog or cat. Either way, booking appointments for loved ones is simpler than ever. Get ready to feel even more excited about using Booksy.

Spend the next few minutes learning about this exciting new feature. Master scheduling appointments for your loved ones or letting them schedule your sessions. Learn to add members to your network, or try using Booksy for the first-time with someone else’s account. Schedule appointments, receive notifications, and pay for services in a few simple steps.

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Invite Family & Friends to Booksy

Until now, Booksy clients simply weren’t able to book appointments for others without taking the time to reach out to the service provider performing the service. This new feature lets you extend the easy booking process you’ve experienced with Booksy to your network of family & friends. And those members can be friends, family, or even pets.

If your new member is a person over the age of 18, and they have a valid phone number, then that member will receive an invite to join Booksy via the Family & Friends feature. All you have to do is use the Booksy software to invite them. And if the person you’d like to invite already uses Booksy, just link your two accounts within your Family & Friends network.

Once a person joins your network, you can book an appointment for them at any time, 24/7. And when you schedule an appointment for your loved one—their past history will be available to make sure you can pick the service they’ll love. To best help your Family & Friends, that person will get appointment reminders to make sure they remember the visit you scheduled.

Most importantly, it’s easy for you to pay for the service on their behalf. And that’s particularly useful for a teen who wants to head to the shop or salon without a parent. Family & Friends is also convenient for parents who need to get haircuts for two or more kids at the same time.

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Activate Friends & Family

Family & Friends will be exclusively available on Booksy. To get started, just open the Booksy App and log into your account and follow these steps:

Schedule Bookings for a New Member

  • Click Add Member.
  • Provide a First Name and (optional) Last Name and Birthday.
  • Set Relation details: Friend, Child, Spouse, Pet, Partner, or Other Relative.
  • Users can Save without any additional information and create a Booking.

Book services

Let Members Book Your Services

Family & Friends makes it easy to book a session for someone else. But other active Booksy users can also book an appointment for you. Join the network of other Booksy users who have activated this feature to accept a service. Then let them schedule, manage, and pay for your appointments. Follow these steps to let another member book your appointments:

Enable Booking for an Active Member

  • Click Add Member.
  • Provide a First Name and (optional) Last Name and Birthday.
  • Set Relation details: Friend, Child, Spouse, Pet, Partner, Other relatives
  • Users can Save without any additional information and create a Booking.
  • Toggle Send Invitation to Member button to the right.
  • Provide the Phone Number and Email Address of the Member.
  • The newly added Member will receive a prompt to enable Scheduling. Once they accept the invitation, you will be able to book appointments for each other.

Members of your networks will be able to see the appointments you book on their behalf, but not the appointments you book for yourself. So, you may want to drop some hints if you’re expecting a haircut, new style, manicure, or massage from someone you love!

Enable Booking for an Active Member

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