Five of the Most Popular Mobile Services on Booksy

Five of the Most Popular Mobile Services on Booksy

Many beauty and wellness professionals across the globe have reopened the doors to their businesses and are offering the very same customized services and treatments that we’ve been dreaming about for months. 

As an effort to make sure that people are still able to have fresh haircuts or relaxing mani-pedis, Booksy has created a brand new feature called Mobile Services. With Mobile Services, it’s still possible to book appointments anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

But this new feature lets you enjoy sessions in the comfort of your own home or office. Now, more than ever, being able to book appointments at home is particularly important. And that’s because health officials in this country are still recommending that people stay inside.

To help make sure you can remain inside while enjoying the grooming, beauty, or wellness services of your choice, here’s five of our most popular Mobile Services that people have already been scheduling through the Booksy app

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Read though this short guide and learn why you should consider scheduling these services in your home or workplace today. And remember that all you have to do is open your Booksy app and click “Explore” in the main menu section, then select “Filters” followed by “Mobile Services.” Finally hit “Apply” to access a list of professionals and find a Mobile Service provider today.

Mobile services on Booksy

Personal Training Sessions

Even though Americans are still advised to stay at home due to the shutdown, it’s important to stay physically active. And it’s no secret that regular exercise offers a host of physical benefits in regards to body mass index, along with cardiovascular and muscular health.

Take some time to think about your physical fitness goals. Then turn to Booksy to find trainers within your area. Our fitness professionals are dedicated to making sure you have the right tools to lose weight, increase flexibility, gain muscle mass, develop perfect form, or learn some new workouts.

Picking up your phone or opening a laptop to find a Mobile Service provider is all it takes to start enjoying personal training sessions inside your home. From there, you’ll get to work with a well-trained fitness expert, who knows how to fuel your motivation. 

Personal Training Sessions

Barbering and Grooming Services 

Out of all of the industry experts, barbers were amongst the first  to jump on board with offering Mobile Services. At home grooming treatments were common even before the shutdown. So, barbers haven’t hesitated to pick their tools to bring the shop to clients.

This means it’s okay to save some time and effort by reducing how much energy you’ve been putting into grooming yourself at home. Instead, leave it to an expert to give you a fresh fade, a precisely groomed beard, or a relaxing hot towel shave.

And now, you can get the same amount of freshness without leaving your couch. Even if close family members are the only people who will notice, remember that projecting confidence and feeling normal is key right now. 

Nail Treatments 

Manicures and pedicures don’t have to be a thing of the past. And you don’t have to step outside of your comfort zone to visit a nail salon. With Booksy, it’s easy to find nail technicians who are waiting for you to book an appointment. Schedule an at-home session in the comfort of your living room today. 

Our nail technicians are still dedicated to offering soothing treatments, creating beautiful patterns, and designing original trends in just one sitting. Choose a traditional manicure or a seasonal design inspired by an exciting color palette that will stand out even during a conference call. 

Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that these professionals are ready and willing to come into your space and make sure you’re able to express yourself through this seemingly small detail that can easily draw attention in all the right ways. 

Nail Treatments 

Hair Styling

While it may not come as a surprise, hairstylists have also been ready to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. And some of them are bringing their services directly to customers. This means that you still have time to update your look and get a summer hairstyle, before the season changes. 

Naturally, braiding services have been especially popular, as many women want hairstyles that require less maintenance. But braiders aren’t the only experts performing at-home styling. Some of our mobile hair technicians have experience providing on-location services at weddings, photo shoots, or other special events. 

So, remember that you’re in good hands. And keep in mind that it may be a good idea to work with a mobile professional this summer. That’s especially true if you have a big event coming up in the near future, where you may need on-location styling services. 

Back and Shoulder Massages  

Let’s face it—we’re all a little more stressed than usual. And we could all benefit from some time with a massage therapist who is willing to perform a back or shoulder massage. Through Booksy it’s easy to find a Mobile Service provider to make sure you can relax and unwind.

There’s a host of different wellness options to choose from. A Swedish massage is a popular choice for anyone seeking a full-body massage to help unwind. But aromatherapy, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point massages are other common requests that are also available.

Wellness experts are standing by. Take advantage of this time at home and learn more about massage options. Then choose the right treatment that will ease pain and tension. Whether it’s gentle or strong amounts of pressure on your muscles and joints, you probably need it. 

Back and Shoulder Massages

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