Back to Business: How Beauty Pros Are Ensuring Your Safety

Back to Business: How Beauty Pros Are Ensuring Your Safety

The time has come where we’re beginning to hear murmurs of cities starting to emerge from lockdown. It’s fair to say the last two months have been a little traumatizing for everyone.  The beauty and wellness industry has been equally missed by clients as it has by the service providers. Here at Booksy want to make that reunion as safe (and great!) as possible. Professionals going back to business have put the following features into place. They want to make sure you can confidently book an appointment and visit your service provider without fear.

‘I’m Ready’ Feature

This feature allows the proper time needed for your service provider to sanitize their workspace and prep it for you. It also allows time for their previous client to safely exit the shop or salon without overlapping with your arrival. You can safely wait in your car or 6 feet from the door in order to minimize cross over. When your professional is ready for you to come sit in their chair, they’ll notify you via the “I’m Ready” feature. Make sure to keep your notifications on so you receive messages like this!

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Health and Safety Rules

Any professionals going back to business should be following the Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 prepared by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to prepare for going back to business. It includes all the recommendations and measures necessary to take as a business owner.

Your service provider can let you know which of these precautionary measures they are implementing in their workspace. Below is a list of them and where you can expect to see them when booking with your professional.

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Health and Safety Rules

COVID-19 Disclaimer Form

In the effort to reduce any possible risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus when going back to business, Booksy professionals can present you with a COVID-19 Disclaimer Form. When booking an appointment, you will be presented with a few questions and asked to confirm you don’t possess certain symptoms. After answering the questions, you can electronically sign the form within the app. See this form below.

client side covid disclaimer form

Mobile & Prepayments

Booksy’s prepayments and mobile payments help to minimize contact even more. Simply upload your credit card into your Booksy app and pay for your service without getting your wallet out and handing cash or card to your service provider. Depending on how your service provider has payments set up, it’s also an option to pay for your service at the time of booking. It’s as easy as getting up out of the chair, saying thanks, and walking out!

It’s called the “new normal” for a reason. Booking beauty appointments again is an exciting thing, but only with extra precaution for everyone’s safety. It’s something that has to be implemented now and indefinitely until the curve is squashed. Everyone is at their own state of comfort as we begin to emerge from lockdown. Our beauty professionals will do anything they can to meet at your level and make sure you feel confident walking into their space again. If your professional is not in an area that is going back to work, support them by tipping now and booking later!

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