The Best Long Wavy Hairstyles For Men: Which One Will You Try?

The Best Long Wavy Hairstyles For Men

Short hair is pretty straightforward when it comes to styling and it doesn’t really take much of anything for it to look good—oftentimes, a simple comb-through or a dollop of your favorite hair product is enough to do the trick. But if you’re considering growing your hair out (or maybe you’ve already reached that point but are unsure of the next step to take), we’re here to give you a few hair inspirations for how to style your long, wavy locks.

Pushed back

Pushed back hair is one of the most common men’s long wavy hairstyles. Not only does it look cool and effortless, but it also keeps your strands out of your eyes, that’s a win-win!

Middle part

Move over side part, the middle part is back and more popular than ever before—and not just for women’s styles, but for men’s too.

Tied up

The beauty of having long hair is being able to change it up with a bun or ponytail style, so if you’re looking for men’s wavy long hairstyles that are versatile, go for a tied-back appearance.

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Tucked away

Letting your hair loose is always a great option, but you can opt for a subtly different vibe by tucking your tresses behind one or both ears.

Beard combo

Too much hair? More like not enough! Grow your beard out in conjunction with your locks if you’re interested in men’s hairstyles for long wavy hair that standout.

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